Donald Trump aan te stel Bitcoin Bull aan die Wêreldbank Lood? | Beligting Network Merchant Aanneming

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Donald Trump To Appoint Bitcoin Bull World Bank | Interview With Bitcoin Rich List Whale| Beligting Network Merchant Aanneming

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Donald Trump Might Pick This Bitcoin Optimist to Lead the World Bank

“The Crypto Bear Market Won’t Last” – Anonymous $200 Million Ethereum Trader Talks to CCN

Bitcoin Block Reward Halving Countdown

Judging from multiple posts and comments this past month, I believe we just entered a mid point between capitulation and despondency.

Judging from multiple posts and comments this past month, I believe we just entered a mid point between capitulation and despondency. van CryptoCurrency

Merchant adoption of the lightning network

Coin Center Lightning Network demo in Congress

Coin Center Lightning Network demo in Congress

Bubble Chart

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Donald Trump aan te stel Bitcoin Bull aan die Wêreldbank Lood? | Beligting Network Merchant Aanneming

62 kommentaar

  1. The World Bank is not trying to fight the world poverty. The World Bank IS THE REASON for the world poverty )))

  2. +Altcoin Daily Yes. The WB is sponsoring all wars in the world. They also force APR killer loans to countries thus acquiring assets in these countries for peanuts, cause those countries cannot ever pay out the forced loans. The WB is in power of switching leaders in a lot of countries in days )

  3. People get upset because they want fast money. Im actually happy with this bear market its a great oportunity for people like me that dont have a lot of money to invest. Invest what you can afford, dont get emotional with your money and have balls of steel. Good things come to those who wait.

  4. +Altcoin Daily Sure. Goto LTC chart from 11 Jan in 15min chart. ok, draw line touching all peaks from Top and another from the base. The formation is a widening cone, this is known as jaws of wealth in chart analysis. It is Probable LTC will expand within and break out of channel( not always but probable) put that alongside outstanding fundamentals prove very bullish. cheers

  5. This is the Donald Trump that I actually know; taking the initiatives and actually thinking like a business man like he used to be. This is very smart on his part if he wants to decrease the debts that US already have with the national bank.

  6. Dude.. when Bitcoin hits 100,000$ we are going to miss these prices!! I need it to last as long as possible!! Trying to accumulate crypto with my minimum wage paychecks..

  7. I am optimistic, forward looking. Am Newbie having only followed crypto for 15 months but I feel I should aquire my first coins & accumulate

  8. I’m totally with you on that mindset, it’s great fun to accumulate and build up over time by dollar cost averaging
    For me it’s all about BTC ETH EOS ADA NEO but taking a very wild chance on a coin called PAN (pantos)

  9. I’m all in on ETN but I love your positive take on Bitcoin. Hopefully that guy will become president of the world bank and he can help pave the way for mass adoption.

  10. I feel as though the comment sections on YouTube can be a bit biased. One has to actively go to a channel specifically for cryptocurrency information and therefore most likely already have a dog in the race.
    The Robinhood app on the other hand has a live chat within the real time Bitcoin chart. The chat is full of low level stock traders, pot stock enthusiasts, penny stock dreamers andregular joes”, who know next to nothing of BTC. Some of the most common statements and questions are, “Bitcoin is still a thing?”, “Can you even make money on here with Bitcoin?”, “Bitcoin is dead.”, “Bitcoin will never get to 20k again.” “Can’t make any money on Bitcoin.”, “Bitcoin is a joke, dont waste your time.
    The average person looking to invest will not get involved in cryptocurrency due to negative sentiment and volatility, and in my opinion this is what thebig wigswant.

  11. i never thought i would have 1 bitcoin by this time BUYING THE WHOLE DAMN WAY DOWN IF I NEED TO <3 🙂

  12. Regso…I think he was most presidential when he gave Gary Busey a second change to be project manager. Like A DOG!

  13. +Tymo it’s hard but think it will be worth it. I own ada tron vechain and digibite. Looking into getting 1 bitcoin and hold it for a few years

  14. I think we are in hope. Which is where I am. I’m always wrong. So I’m no help.
    Interesting vid thanks.

  15. I think all these BTCs locked up in Lightning Network will actually increase scarcity even more, pouring fuel on the fire. Lol the future is gonna be interesting, we will all be either very rich or very poor. Niemand weet nie.

  16. Ja, I do. In fact no one knows for sure which Crypto will see huge gains, but I believe ADA could be one of them.

  17. +Altcoin Daily We moved from a city to a small pacific Island. We moved from concentrating on having a better car and clothes and save for annual holidays to living in a holiday, having an old dunger car to enjoying fresh air and access to an uncrowded beaches. If we did have money I would be buying a lot more BTC and a lot more of the better Alts that I believe in. I will now buy small amounts and accumulate slowly. Mei 2020 is a good time for me to accumulate.

    It is better than not buying any

  18. Great vid! Question: Bittorrent BTT is up 100% already! I got fomo lol. Any advice Aaron ,Austin and peeps?

  19. Roy Randolph I will never sell! Just waiting for the world to catch up. Ill spend that Crypto where businesses accept my money. Thats the way you will get this economy really going.. pay taxes with BTC and pay for pizza with DASH (or anything else as long as its crypto).

  20. You mean you have 12000 pages of whitepapers and literature? Can any of you illustrate to me the point of cardano and how they improve upon the competition

  21. Ronni Alon Best of luck to you. I know minimum-wage is tough but with a good amount of financial education and still come out on top. It sounds like you have a good plan sir

  22. I can’t tell you when to buy or sellbut I’m not fomoinga lot of hype around it right nowthe hype will settle down.

  23. +Altcoin Daily I do believe the bottom or v v closeobviously never say never with the powers that be out there and manipulation, squeezes and the institutions waiting to come in. Hasn’t Putin threatened to buy multiples of billions of Bitcoin. All these factors considered, I would say do not sell no matter what if you can afford not to….hodl till Kingdom come, in whatever.

  24. I don’t think a Trump appointee would be a good move for us. He literally picks the worst of the worst with bunch of scandals and his own people are catching indictments left and right.

  25. believed me hope its gonna happend. Compare to a a basketball memorabillia MIchael Jordan Shoe is the Bitcoin it always goes up. Just buy buy buy and hold if you are long term thinker for your kids and grand baby. My kids know my passwords but i dont tell them what is it i make sure they memorized it thinking its just email password 🙂

  26. I like it and as a human i like to take my chances not like a lotto chance of winning but opportunity present it self this big banks investors buying OTC Bitcoin compare to me i will say thank you Master. And not even worry about it thats why when i see the trend hope deppression feelling i laugh. Im a long term holder 2009 btc is 2019 btc even if i die still 2009 BTC 21 million max supply unconficatable. Venezuela cant widraw its actual gold from bank of england lol

  27. Mark Weston Thanks man! Im sure we are marching towards a bright Crypto future! Just like in the starting days of the gold rush 💰

  28. seems like a bottom/stagnation/accumulation, but since btc is contrarian, a low of 2.6k is likely to happen

  29. Nice video as always,i entered a crypto at the ath,verloor 700$ in a hour,hoekom? because i didnt know what i am doing,then i lost 3k$ on bcc,again,then i bought worst coin ever,it doesnt even exist anymore(primulon) because i listened to people on trollbox,then i sayd stop,then i started to learn,then i made hugeee money on just one coin in the beggining of the bear market,just because i observed learned readed stuff,i say no to hope but yes to knowledge,imagine if you learn just one hour on a day what will you learn in 365 dae(arnold schwarzenegger)

  30. +Altcoin Daily it’s in the range everyone’s talking about in bearish cases 2.6 om 2.8 and let’s not forget the really bearish 1k which would confirm the hyperwave stuff )) only time will tell

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