Verkoop nie! Trust MeYou Need To Watch This. [Bitcoin Market Analysis]

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Bitcoin's 4-Years Opportunity by Bob Loukas

Bitcoin's 4-Years Opportunity by Bob Loukas

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Verkoop nie! Trust MeYou Need To Watch This. [Bitcoin Market Analysis]

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  1. Warren Buffett turned a man into a multi-millionaire 10x over with his long term Berkshire-Hathaway investment. The man thanked him and Buffet told him, ” Don’t thank me. You didn’t sell.

  2. but wait! didn’t you just say….. buy in with only 60%….????

    chung chan
    25 seconds ago
    Anyone with half a brain and some common sense wouldn’t buy bitcoin, but hey no one has a brain or any common sense, so I’m ALL in BABY!!!….

  3. I was making a joke about your joke, but heeeey!! Truth comes out! You’re telling people to go neck deep on btc but you don’t believe in the stuff and you don’t invest in it eitherclassy dude! 👌

  4. And Warrwn Buffet got a bail out money from 2008 market crash. Thank the us citezen saving his company and now 21 trillion dont blame trump he got in 19.9 trillion blame him on recent crash he let this group bail out s&p 500 corrcet me if im wrong about s&p i know 1 of then 3 was bail out by this groop coz it drops 600 points in chrismas or after. I wonder wheses group got their money,. One thing i agree hold strong hands. Buy buy buy buy long term

  5. weeh Dinga no president is in whole responsible for for any recession. This is a market necessity in a debt based economy

  6. I believe we are more likely in the area before the final dip relative to the last market cycle. Because we have not seen capitulation yet. Massive sell volume accompanied with massive buy volume. And maybe a few minutes to buy the bottom and a few hours to buy with in ten percent. The pattern forming now is a descending triangle just like the 6k range. Looking to break around march -may.

  7. Nice one! Whether we’ve bottomed or not I’ll continue buying 1000 usd worth of bitcoin every payday (2k every month) drop it into cold storage and go on with my life. Eventually the day will roll around when what I need to retire will equal what I have, then I’ll sell half my btc, pull the plug on my mechanic job and start my new life as a retiree (10 of 11 years early).

  8. I sincerely hope this guy is correct,but charts are meaningless when there is manipulation,just look at gold and silver,they stopped it at $1900 and brought it back down and stayed in a very short range for 8 years and don’t tell me that charts never predicted a substantial rise in price.They probably left Bitcoin alone until it started taking off big time to 20k,they wont want that to happen again.I probably sound too pessimistic,but I’ve held gold and silver for the last few years,but I’m still not selling,same with Bitcoin and my alts.HODL,plan,plan.

  9. Really interesting what he said about the market cap of one company having the entire cap of Bitcoin. Really puts this into perspective.

  10. Looks like great past analysis but future is suspect because of movement of Wallstreet into the mix. No one knows what that portends unless directly tied into their money pools! I have not seen any reporting on that and do not expect to until after the fact.

  11. Good content! Will definitely check out the video! Although TA is a good perspective, hard to judge this new technology. Keep up the good work guys!!

  12. I think this will be true when the market cap is over 5T. At 100B, even at 800B the market is too small for them to control. So I am HODLing as well and accumulating.

  13. Davincij15 stated very similar information. 10X from ath in the next 2 – 3 jaar. This is very exciting. Time to accumilate. Thank you Altcoin Daily for posting this

  14. Watched both your video and Bob’s video. Great summary. Fits in with both Clif High’s prediction as well asthe BTC curveanalysis I have seen elsewhere. To-the-right sideways drops and consolidations before the next rise!

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