Deutsche Bank Takes HUGE Hit! Bitcoin Survives! Don’t Be Fooled – Big Things are Happening.

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Bitcoin Disrupting Banking; Deutsche Bank To Cut 18,000 Jobs by 2022

Japanese blockchain company invests big in India with academy and 5 offices

Twitter Study Finds US Posts Most on Bitcoin and Facebook’s Libra

Twitter Study Finds US Posts Most on Bitcoin and Facebook’s Libra

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Deutsche Bank Takes HUGE Hit! Bitcoin Survives! Don’t Be Fooled – Big Things are Happening.

66 kommentaar

  1. Pretty rough for all those people who will lose their jobs. I’m no fan of banks, but I hate to see the bank’s failings adversely affect their employees. Pretty sure the top dogs won’t suffer. Thanks for the update.

  2. This channel saves so much time for people who love the space but dont have time to research it too much. Thanks for the uploads, always watching!

  3. deur “digiatlthey mean AI. More AI, more false flags, more problems, more customers moving to BTC. Death spiral

  4. Of course BTCsurvives”. It’s a safe haven. Bix Weir has been monitoring the DB collapse for years.

  5. Deutsche bank has never recovered from the 2008 financial crisis and might not make it past 2020!

  6. i am 14 and bougt 0.022 btc and i put my allowance into crypto i dont want the banks to have my money and my dad doesn’t believe me i hope he will do some research and get some of his savings away from the bank

  7. I’ve been noticing Visa is working on getting cards that are connected to your walletsWon’t do it but I foresee many people who are dependent on fiat will flock to it.

  8. How about banks adversely affecting the worldyou do know they are thieves? Anyone working for a thief….goed…

  9. Excellent news! Make sure to keep your crypto safe, by engraving the recovery seed in the titanium CRYPTOTAG🔐

  10. Deutsche bank found guilty of laundering 12B for Russia
    Then this
    $13 Billion USD investment in technology.
    Technology to Launder without getting caught?

    Die “Lindeeffect in action. 150 years of shady banking = 150 more years with next Gen Tech.

    My thoughts anyhow.

    18,000 casualties of the old guard falling.

  11. @SilverLimey 79 I know right it’s almost like there was a crypto-currency created the fix that problem I wonder what it was

  12. The banks must implode. We need a complete financial overhaul.
    Go DigiByte
    Go litecoin
    Go theta
    And yea go xrp I guess.
    And release the gold/silver prices for fair price discovery
    I sound like a cheerleader now. Lol

  13. To find the world with UBI and what not as global, it needs to be worth IMO 1 Billion minimum. Remember this would be a 1 world currency and BTC as the Anchor.

  14. @Alex P I bet no all of the lower level’s employees know or inderstand what we know about that system. I bet the don’t all get up in the morning and think. “How can I feed my kids? Ek weet. I’ll go work for a legal organized crime system.Most people don’t see the banks for what they are. Those of us in the crypro community are in the minority.

  15. @Sandy O I admit, I’ve been an ignorant twit, as most everybody, for a good part of my life. But I took the time to educate myselfand I do have a family to support as well. A family that is extorted by banks everyday – Nope, I don’t condone ignorance and don’t ptty them while they ignorantly steal from my livelihood.

  16. hi Chris Harvey
    can you make a video about what the consequenses for bitcoin would be if Craigh Wright gets jailed.😊
    you rock😚

  17. Dont fool yourself. When a bank says they believe in blockchain, it is NOT necessarily crypto.
    Blockchain is NOT always crypto.

  18. Noddy smith I cant afford a whole bitcoin so I bought a whole XRP instead. Should be able to retire soon. 😂 seriously though, some XRP is a good bet. It could be the most stressful crypto in the long term.

  19. I’m thinking so too. Would be good to hold a few. We are 10X bellow all time highs and such a promising coin.

  20. well banking these days in EUrope is overrated anyways..
    As consumer i do most of the idea why they still have clerks and most of the banks are not even open anymore from 8am to 5pmsimply put..we don’t need them anymore and at the same time they charge us money to deposit and open a bank accountyes banks charge money to use a bank account! They give no interest etc in fact you lose money to banksevery month i pay a couple Euros so i can use my bank account

  21. Santander Bank has scaled back staff and branches due to digital demand from it’s customers. This is only the top of the iceberg

  22. If he has his saving in USD or any other fiat, its scary, but if he got other assets, like gold he would do good too, of course that some in BTC would provided diversified gains.

  23. Smart little guy! Keep stacking those sats. You’re lucky you’re so young and have this opportunity.

  24. That’s very interesting as also having an expert which why you are on here will also help you

  25. I know xrp is centralized. I also understand they have a big future. That’s why I bought low and plan to sell when I make it to my jump point. It’s my Porsche fund. Lol.

  26. Douchebank never finalized the Bankers Trust acquisition from 1998. Bankers Trust derivative books is what is dragging them down

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