DBC Crash? Will DeepBrain Chain MOON in 2018? Should you invest in DBC? NEO ICO

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DBC is one of the most promising projects in all of Blockchain and AI. How are the prices this low? Where is DBC headed from here? Find out now!

Deep Brain Trap Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J56zg

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VRYWARING: Dit is nie finansiële advies! Dit is 'n vermaak en-opinie gebaseer show. I am not a financial advisor. Asseblief net belê wat jy kan bekostig om te verloor, en ons moedig u aan om jou eie navorsing te doen voordat 'n belegging.

DBC Crash? Will DeepBrain Chain MOON in 2018? Should you invest in DBC? NEO ICO

26 kommentaar

  1. Will definitely get one going, the project is so new I wanted to let it mature a bit before taking a stance. thanks! 🙂

  2. Great video but one major fact was incorrect. ICO price was = 0.0158 USD so its x5 its ICO price. Still going to get some as think great one to get into at this price.

  3. DBC ico price was 0.015. Please verify once before you spread the word. I like the project DBC though

  4. Great song great balanced coverage. OM, Zombie, Chico, Brad the best Crypto Tubers. Bought DBC along with HBC they along with the other NEOSPHERE coins will be monsters. Mahalo for your professional reviews.

  5. I hold DBC and think it will do very well down the road. I also hold Matrix AI. This one will be huge in the future, good long term hold. It is now on Kucoin. Research this one, they working on a project with China on the One Belt, One road initiative. Will be a very advanced powerful, secure and highly scalable blockchain platform. Thanks for the great videos FUD TV. Cheers!

  6. Token ICO price was not 9centsit was todays price. On the right you can seereturns since ICO 6.13x

  7. Also brother, 1 DBC = 0.0158 dollar (0.00033333 NEO) at the ICOyou were looking at the current price lol

  8. Trading at less than a penny per share nowGreat long term advicepeople who purchased at that price have now lost 94% of their money….

  9. what wallet should i use for this, any mobile wallets? i just got in this project today at .0038sent

  10. Hi. It’s Jan 2019 and DBC is down 99.7% from ATH. Under a dime?? Try under a fifth of a cent.

    NOW I’m buying.

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