Daily Crypto News: Mark Cuban Hates Bitcoin, South Korea Crypto? Elastos Partnership, Multi Monero

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Daily Crypto News: Mark Cuban Hates Bitcoin, South Korea Crypto? Elastos Partnership, Multi Monero

Laat ons weet wat jy dink oor ons oorsig hieronder! Is jy hou van hierdie munte?

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VRYWARING: Dit is nie finansiële advies! Dit is 'n vermaak en-opinie gebaseer show. I am not a financial advisor. Asseblief net belê wat jy kan bekostig om te verloor, en ons moedig u aan om jou eie navorsing te doen voordat 'n belegging.

Daily Crypto News: Mark Cuban Hates Bitcoin, South Korea Crypto? Elastos Partnership, Multi Monero

46 kommentaar

  1. Great content! You’re content is up there with data dash, decentralized tv, Ivan on tech, David hay, crypto bobby, crypto chico, crypto zombie, crypto investor, crypto bud, boxmining, cryptorus and the other good ones.

  2. SuperBurgerLord I don’t know if what you mean is you will be buying so much the price will pump or that the price will dump after you buy. Either I would be ok with because I am holding but would also like to buy more 😉 haha

  3. Monero hardforked? Was there an airdrop? Or is there going to be? What happened with Monerov?

  4. Me tooI had just bought some ONT just before watching your video. I just believe it is a different kind of crypto.

  5. Davey Ortiz good coin if you believe in it you won’t sell no matter if it goes down or up.

  6. Hey man, could you do a video about the privacy niche in cryptoworld? I think privacy is a very important niche and there are some solid projects out there such as DeepOnion, Monero etc. I hope you will at least think about it!

  7. wow! you FOMO’d into ONT huh? I’ve been goin crazy watching it grow. I was right there with ya, I just didnt want to pay $2 each. DOH!!!!!!!!

  8. I’m like The Cooler (movie). When I show up the good times go away. As soon as I buy some the price will drop.

  9. Thanks for continuing to bring us this great info FUD TV : ) People like you are leading the crypto revolution!!

  10. I’m not sure about the recent forks, but last I heard MoneroV is on delay for a few months to get exchange support. I’m also wondering about these recent forks? Did we get a bunch of free Monero clone coinZ??

  11. Dope thanks for the info buddy can’t wait to put some money in ontology myself but I’m gonna wait

  12. The red colored frame on the thumbnail makes me think I already watched the video bc YouTube puts a red status bar all the way across the bottom once watched. You might get an extra 1% viewers if you didn’t frame it in red (of course the additional viewers will all be the morons like me who can’t tell the difference between a status bar and a frame.)

  13. When you cover eos don’t forget to clarify stand of John oliver on that..,
    That’s what stopping Me to invest in eos
    Looking forward

  14. Indeed the privacy market has great potential as most of the projects out there are undervalued. Privacy projects have a real use-case and I firmly believe that this is the future of crypto. I’d love see a video about this market and hear your opinion.

  15. Audio sounding a bit better keep tweaking your recording area for us 😉
    Great info, love the channel!

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