Daily Crypto News: Ledger Nano Update, China Regulators, $NEO FUD

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Topics Covered:
Ledger Nano S Firmware Update
SBI Holdings invests in Crypto Hard Wallet MakerCoolBitX
Chinese regulators prefer centralization
– Top 20 Coin Drawdowns
NEO FUD Dispelled

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Daily Crypto News: Ledger Nano Update, China Regulators, $NEO FUD

11 kommentaar

  1. I love it, VEN going upSunny just gave his peeps a bone for Hold’ing.. Basking in the green 🙂 Strenght node, you still get the x bonus of 25% if you lock in your wallet by March 20th

  2. Omg this makes so much sense! How smart of Neo! They truly have such a brilliant team! Neo is just getting started!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the amazing content btw, you have a very undervalued channel!! Look forward to you presenting more info. How do you feel about Neblio btw?

  3. Haters be on the FUD hard
    Thanks for the updates you’re growing the channel with all your hard work

  4. Good news and bad news on NANO S. Bad news is I updated 2 of my wallets today took 5 hours both updates crashed.
    Good news.. Used the recovery key for both and they went back to normal. They had been 1.41 when they were done, but then I had to go back and put each app on individually to see my coins….
    I will not do my last two bigger wallets go a couple days.. Maybe by then they will have the bugs worked out
    I think it was because the site is getting overloaded.
    So TAKE YOUR TIME and don’t push any buttons or diconect anything to fast.. The software doesn’t always have that spinning thing showing you it is doing something ….

  5. Hi, seeking a better suggestion about the monero fork. There’s a lot of fud in the market so is it safe to participate in this fork?

  6. Ja, it is. The official MoneroV wallet will be used to claim the MoneroV coins. The wallet’s source code and all other dependencies will be published and open sourced.

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