CryptoCurrency Booming In Africa | BAT Added To Coinbase | NASDAQ Help Fight Fraud [Bitcoin Nuus]

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Hey Altcoin Daily Team! Let's talk about the LATEST cryptocurrency news: Bat added to Coinbase, Binance opening 40,000 accounts in Uganda, and Nasdaq helping fight fraud in crypto.

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Coinbase Adds Browser Startup Brave's Token to Pro Trading Platform

Coinbase Adds Browser Startup Brave’s Token to Pro Trading Platform

Nasdaq Will Help the Crypto Industry to Fight Fraud and Market Manipulation

Binance Signs Up 40,000 Crypto Traders in Its First Week in Uganda

Binance Signs Up 40,000 Crypto Traders in Its First Week in Uganda

VanEck-SolidX Bitcoin ETF Close to Gaining SEC Approval, Exec Says

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CryptoCurrency Booming In Africa | BAT Added To Coinbase | NASDAQ Help Fight Fraud [Bitcoin Nuus]

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  1. love your research man! keep up the awesome work. Thank you for your work even on the weekends.

  2. Top notch advice man. Crypto is definitely for us contrarians and outsiders who aren’t afraid to go against the grain. Heck we’ve always been on the margins. Just stay strong,stay connected to the space,invest wisely and keep your head about you.

    As for BAT,if you’re not in on it now definitely don’t buy till it dips unless you’re a HODLER that doesn’t care about short or midterm price action. No doubt it’ll prob retrace to the .24-26 range or even lower depending on what BTC does,but the BRAVE browser is solid and it’s growing in users so long term I’m bullish on BAT.

  3. Altcoin daily you’re awesome! Thank you for awesome coverage in the crypto world! I appreciate you and all the information.

  4. Good work @ altcoin daily, your are doing great job every day, I’m addicted to your videos. Help me get motivated.

  5. Dude i love your views and attitude on this wonderful space were in! The breakdown of your views and thoughts in your videos are awesome also.

  6. thanks for the replies guys.

    Justo Salinas that’s awesome. Nice to see another cat and crypto lover around here.

  7. +Altcoin Daily There is an altcoin called eternal token it’s among the top 100 coins on coinmarketcap, simply because they took their office to Kenya and people there have embraced it. In Africa there is nothing like crypto regulations so most people here are always happy to try something new once they believe a bull run can improve their life. So the adoption of cryptos in Africa is building up very very fast

  8. Hey man. I’m a big fan of the show. I’m originally from Uganda (super proud of my people and ION , Ian Balina is from a Ugandan background too!!) but currently based in Nairobi, Kenya.

    We recently launched an initiative called Africa Digital Asset Forum that im shamelessly going to plug here in the hope that you might cover it 😂😂😂

    The long awaited launch is finally here! African Digital Assets Framework (ADAF) is finally here.

    ADAF is the first open-source software platform to create *transnational standards for digital assets and distributed ledger technologies in line with Pan-African development objectives, and complements the African Union’s Single African Digital Market initiative, which seeks to leverage technology to stimulate digitised Pan-African economic integration.*

    Read more about the launch here: and access the website at

    Join the conversation on Twitter: @adaf_io and hashtag at #Afroboom

    Our Telegram is accessible here:

    Access to the R&D paper and summary:



  9. +silvercountry the problem isn’t the banks in Africa it’s the governments of Africa, I’ve lived in 3 african countries and trust me as far as govermental corruption goes, the west has nothing on Africa when it comes to corruption (Africa is corrupt AF)

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