CHINA Lipno Crypto BAN? IS NEO DEAD? TRON DEX? Binance Coinbase Bitcoin Cash TE Food

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CHINA Lipno Crypto BAN? IS NEO DEAD? TRON DEX? Binance Coinbase Bitcoin Cash TE Food

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Geskep deur Sara Bauer en Richard Abermann

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  1. thoughts on NEO… (created as ANTSHARES and renamed from Keanu Reeves of the Matrix)
    stick and stones can break my bones but names can never harm me
    What if?

  2. Liking the coverage of Tron. People are expecting too much too soon. Easy to pick holes in their marketing strategy with things like Justin Sun over spamming Twitter and then putting out claims like Tron the most mentioned crypto on Twitter. Stuff like that does not help…..maar….the technical aspects are strong, user base is huge and mid to long term potential is massive.

    I believe that Feng Li, the original Coinbase investor backed byold moneyis heavily invested in the project as well. Old money never loses haha

  3. EOS is still an immutable blockchain, it just has account recovery and policing built in so you don’t have to report stolen funds to real police.

  4. NEO still has the best performing ico this year ( NEX ), the first ever regulated security token ( NEX ) , KPN joined as CN and Swisscom is next. Please name one blockchain that has company’s of that magnitude hosting CN in a public Chinese community driven open source blockchain. What China does is frustrating yes but NEO is global and NEO 3,0 is oppad. Nothing comes close to what NEO ontology elastos and NEX are building and they are ment to all work together ^^

  5. i just haven’t heard anything about their progress and now Da Hongfei is saying they’re too regulated to succeed, just seems like a bad sign. TronChat will be delivering a massive update soon (binne 14 dae)

  6. I understand your concern regarding NEO. Maar, this project is far from being over IMO. I think westerners misjudged Da’s statement regarding Neo only focusing on games. The smart economy is still NEO’s prime focus but right now that is far from being a reality in terms of regulation and financial processes. It will take time.The ecosystem is still very impressive, the developer community is awesome and working hard,Neo 3.0 is oppad (decentralization and scalability). ook , KPN is running a CN on Neo ( KPN is a multi billion dollar company in the Netherlands) Like you, I am invested in Neo and I truly hope it is a success,but this project is definitely a long term investment. Lets see what the future brings:-)

  7. Another great video bro, brilliant content as per usual😉 Keep up with the good job you are doing, we really do appreciate it! 🙂

  8. NEO is very much alive! Da Hongfei was not talking about NEO, he was talking about Blockchain in general is over regulated. As far the gaming Da said that gaming is second to finance, but NEO was selected as the platform for gaming by NEL! lol, TRX look at their guthub is a mess!! No organization and they are years away from being productive. NEO is the Future!!

  9. ​+Mr Elite Da Hongfei is top 100 MOST INFLUENTIAL persons in crypto 2018. : A usless crypto ranking won t change the fact that he has not experience whatsoever in any Fortune 500 ( such as all Neo staff), they even admitadly loose all hopes to build a blockchain aimed at servicing the real economy ( they want focus on game which is now mostly hugely limited and regulated by chinese governement, Tencent lost 40% of its market cap because of that in the last 4 month) . Neo has 0 use cases and is hugely overvalued, I live in Shanghai for 15 years and it surprised how popular in the west( and only the west ) neo got, #lostintranslation. A lot of chinese people I know working in the real economy ( Finansies,bank, industry, service ) heard about 唯链 Vechain)but never heard about Neo.

  10. +FUD TV your doubts are totally legit ! Fact is Neo is only waitting from hypothetic utility crypto daaps from CoZ or others and has not attempted in any way to build bridges with real economy through partnerships in order to use blockchain as service . Vechain/Tron are more ground feeted and are buulding a real ecoystem aimming at servicing the real economy ( Through BAAS Blokchain as service) , I won t say Neo will fail for sure but for pure utility crypto daaps to be successful , that will take 10 years and it s even not sure we get there ( so far ICO/Utility tokens have been a total failure) . I believe Neo is now still hanging just from pure dream/belief that Crypto utility daaps will bring usecase and that s very risky to say the least.

  11. One misspoke 12:00
    Coinbase has managed to make money by order of magnitude by coinbase.

    You meant Binance has managed more. 😛

    Still love you FUDTV <3 <3

  12. +Ride ok but NEO is not the same as ONT they are completely different teams (friendly and connected) but their missions, werknemers, market values, and respective successes are unrelated almost entirely.

  13. +FUD TV same VM and same SC system and same wallet adresses and first to be integrated with NEOX, DA is in both councils and they both come from Onchain. Smart economy is like digital assets / identity and SC. Ho is doing the digital identity thingy besides ontology because their is 0 progress in my knowledge on that front ^^

  14. +Ride i’ve done some deep dives on ONT and they never intended to create the IDV but rather partner with entities that do the verification. They are just the trust network, which IMO is completely separate from NEO but can easily plug into NEO along with most any other blockchain or dApp. so, ja, they will collaborate but ONT is also able to play nicely outside the smart economy making it relatively independent to NEO’s. In wese, ONT can succeed even if NEO doesn’t (and of course visa versa).

  15. francis james hey “Aerospace Engineer” how come you have so much time to be commenting the comments?? Are you unemployed? :))
    You could be Mother Teresa and that doesn’t change the facts..

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