Can Stellar Lumens (XLM) Make You A Millionaire? – Realistically

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Hey Altcoin Daily Team,
What would it take to make a million dollars with Stellar Lumens (XLM). Stellar is a High Cap Cryptocurrency, so I think we have all heard of it (at least peripherally). But what is it exactly? What is it's purpose?
I get into all that today. I think Stellar will be around for a while. Let me share with you why.

soos. Betaal.

***Just opinion. Not financial advice.
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Can Stellar Lumens (XLM) Make You A Millionaire? – Realistically

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  1. Thank you so much for the info on Stellar. Please more info on XLM, it is so hard to find.

  2. Stellar is more focused on little banks, helping bank the unbanked in developing countries as opposed to helping the big banks (ahem Ripple). It’s not overhyped by youtube shills and over-advertised like its bigger brother. IBM isn’t a bad partner, and a huge majority of the supply isn’t controlled by some central entity. I also prefer xlm over xrp because its very easy to store through my chromebook onto my ledger. Currently there’s no way to store xrp on a ledger using a chromebook. For some reason google is not a fan of ripple

  3. eerlik, right now the cheapest entry for more bang on your dollar would be electroneum.. Sitting at ICO price and all time at 20cents.. iI think without a dought it would be $1.00 per coin in the near future

  4. The termcentralizedmeans there is a company attached to the coin that controls it or a group of people that control its flow. Kind of like Bitmain with Bitcoin, Charlie Lee and Litecoin Foundation with LTCand Ripple with XRP and Stellar with Lumens. It has nothing to do with whether you deal with banks or not.

  5. If if ifit’s the case with most coins had you bought-in mid 2017 and sold at ATH. I didn’t but am holding XLM atm and believe in it. Regardless, a good video man.

  6. Stellar has been determined to be Sharia compliant. Could be huge. Lots of Muslims out there with $.

  7. why you calculating with $1000 dan $3000 and then relating it with XRP …….
    And why you are saying end of this year when u really dont know when its gonna happened

  8. Awesome vid! Pls do one on ETN or another coin of your choice with a low current market cap but with a bright future. I love playing what if scenarios. Thx!

  9. I think every crypto in the past could have made you a millionaire, the real question is which one can do it now, my bet in ALQO it’s super undervalued right now at 10cents, give them 6 months to a year and ALQO will be a big winner.

  10. ^^^FACTS. The infrastructure that STELLAR is putting together has HUGE potential!!!
    Things to know about STELLAR:
    1) Business partnership with IBM (HUGE)
    2) Business partnership with MAERSK (HUGE). MAERSK is the largest international shipping (containers) company. I believe Walmart and IBM have partnered in the crypto world would mean Walmart is tied to Stellar.
    3) Postive Relationships with several world banks
    4) Development of an exchange that is not dependant on Coinbase/Binance for transactions ortetheredto the rise and fall of Bitcoin.
    5) international direct exchange of fiat to crypto and vice versa (possibly ATMs that can handle this function on the go<< Having IBM as a partner helps ***See FAIRX**) 6) Generally advanced technology with fast transaction speeds and low transaction costs (Hyperledger). The only downside I see to Stellar is the uncertainty that the project will be as succesful as it appears... but, after connect a few dots, Stellar is probably the closest thing I've ever seen in comparison to giants like Apple; Google; Amazon in their early development period. There is certainly potential for a new ICO/IPO launch to look out for as well that is ties to XLM. Right now, crypto is still somewhat the wild west... someone is going to immerge as a standard, offer a stable platform from which international commerce can be easily and quickly conducted as well as regulated and STELLAR appears to be at the head of that race. The public just doesn't seem to have figured this out yet.

  11. @B H
    yes XRP seems the better investment right now but the XLM project in far more robust of a venture.
    Op die oomblik, I think Ripple is the best candidate for addition to coinbase and that would cause the bulls to come out but, ultimately XLM seems insanely undervalued in consideration of the scope of the project. For some reason, not many people are talking about all of the moves Stellar is making but if you watch closelyit’s HUGE!
    persoonlik, I am well invested in both xrp and xlm but XLM is, in my opinion, the biggest and most comprehensive project capable of reshaping international shipping/commerce as well as the entire crypto market over the next 2-5 jaar.

  12. I think if you invest the same now in ALQO you could be a millionaire in a year or 2its super under valued right now.

  13. I love XLM project, but the problem is that total supply relative to circulating supply. Only about 20% of the coin is actually out there. They can keep up with an awful lot of increasing demand just by releasing more of the total supply into the circulating supply. So the upward pressure on price can be diminished for a very long time.

    Now how much of that total supply cannot be released into circulating supply is the unknown. Also vesting schedules that may apply and WHEN it can be released. But I always hate to see a coin with such a huge total supply, regardless of what circulating supply is. Market cap can increase without the price increasing if they are continually releasing more coins into circulation.

  14. there was a day not long ago BTC hitting 100 was *inconceivable* . Then it hit $1000 not long after that

  15. Hi mate, heavily invested in Ripple, but want to also try something else.
    Thoughts please….AMB or XLM?.

  16. With Jed having previous for dumping his Coins, I must admit it puts me off buying Stellar, I feel his integrity is a bitiffy ‘ . . . a clever guy but wouldn’t trust him not to leave us high and dry . . .

  17. Wow talk sbout being wrong! It’s less than 2c now from 10c when you advised people to invest so somebody has lost tons of money

  18. Super over valued it’s less than 2c and going down more. It was 10c when you mouthed off about it being under valued. Some fool has lost a ton of money

  19. Don’t make any decisions because some guy on Youtube talks about it. 👍 I am not a financial advisor. I just like to talk about what works for me. maar, I understand your frustration, Max. We are in a bear market. All my investments are down as well.

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