BREAKING: South Korea Just Released The Bitcoin Bulls! Bitcoin Adoption Jumps Ahead 3+ jaar!

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South Korea Declares Partial ‘Regulation-Free’ Zone for Crypto Companies

South Korea Declares Partial ‘Regulation-FreeZone for Crypto Companies

Grayscale’s $2.7 Billion in Crypto Assets Will Now Be Held by Coinbase Custody

Grayscale’s $2.7 Billion in Crypto Assets Will Now Be Held by Coinbase Custody

Craig Wright to Pay $73,000 in Legal Fees for Losing Libel Claims Vs. Roger View

Bitwise: Facebook’s Libra Moved Bitcoin and Crypto Three Years Ahead

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BREAKING: South Korea Just Released The Bitcoin Bulls! Bitcoin Adoption Jumps Ahead 3+ jaar!

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  1. Hopefully the U.S. is paying attention. Pomp is right first mover advantage. S. Korea has spoken and they are behind cryptocurrency 100%. Wake up U.S. What game are u [U.S.] playing.

  2. I believe the LTC conference is coming up in Las Vegas. You 2 guys ought to go to that. You could have a nice little getaway !?!? 🤔😎👍

  3. That is relatively close. If I could get an interview with Charlie Lee, It would be worth it 👍

  4. TimeStamps:
    0:12 South Korea News
    2:57 Grayscale’s $2.7 Billion in Crypto Assets News
    5:27 Craig Wright to Pay $73,000 in Legal Fees to Roger Ver
    6:49 Bitcoin Adoption Jumps Ahead 3+ jaar
    8:41 Altcoin Daily Final Thoughts

  5. I love hearing about other countries that have moved forward with adoptionI always take a moment to imagine my new life in those countries if/when the US economy melts down when the US dollar is no longer the reserve currency.

  6. Would love to see a video where you compare the top 5 projects techwise. Thanks for the content ✌

  7. If it’s so good, why isn’t everyone doing it🤣😂

    Please public…. think like this for a little longer while I fill my boots😎

    I hope to visit south Korea when I retire EARLY (thanks Bitcoin)

  8. @Philip QuaglinoThey are not stupid, they understand where the World is going and have big positions already in crypto.

  9. ASICMiner: 50,000 Bitcoin
    The IMF’s “Currency Stabilization Fund”: 70,000 Bitcoin
    Government of Saudi Arabia: 110,000 Bitcoin
    The North Korean government: 180,000 Bitcoin

  10. Thats what I am saving my crypto for, moving to Belize or Ecuador……people do not realize how nice these places are to live.

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