BREAKING: Physically-Settled Bitcoin Futures APPROVED 📈 | Charles Hoskinson Leaving Cardano in 2020?

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TD Ameritrade-Backed ErisX Gets Green Light to Settle Futures in Bitcoin

TD Ameritrade-Backed ErisX Gets Green Light to Settle Futures in Bitcoin

ErisX Granted Derivatives

Charles Hoskinson and team to leave in 2020?

Facebook’s Inches Towards Global Regulatory Compliance, Applies for New York BitLicense

Facebook’s Inches Towards Global Regulatory Compliance, Applies for New York BitLicense

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BREAKING: Physically-Settled Bitcoin Futures APPROVED 📈 | Charles Hoskinson Leaving Cardano in 2020?

62 kommentaar

  1. I wont swing trade till we break over 13 after that its a sure way up..also that ada interview was good

  2. Just a heads upLibra is not a crypto. It is a digital currency which is a big difference between the to.

  3. Today is a great day to be alive and invested into crypto. I seriously want to shed a tear 🎊🎉🍾🎈

  4. A Bitlicense. . . . . . .Should I note that a license is ‘permissionand who ever is claiming the rights to issue crypto licenses is claiming authority over cryptos. . . . . . .
    This is a trojan horse to george orwells 1984.

  5. Retail Bitcoin is good news but bitcoin goin below 10k altcoin season on the way. 20k bitcoin in August.

  6. Bought at $150, $360, $3300 and now at $9700. Sitting back after 10k.

  7. You dont talk down a non cryptocurrency trying to look like one, but talk down an actual crypto that has a use case. What is going on with this channel?

  8. Hey Austin great content, always please. I have a question, since Binance closing their doors on to the US in September, what would be your preferred exchange?

  9. Bitcoin and Litecoin reward halving ‘Supply shock’ coming down the track….🌬…..🏄‍♀️

  10. were people expecting governments and banks to not get their dirty hands deep into controlling crypto??

  11. what if the trillions in derivatives need an on-ramp to get into Bitcoin in this is how they’re going to?

  12. If you didn’t already you should check out the “10 Million Dollar Bitcoin end game”! by Token Vision. Such a great clip, very well done. Since you have more subs and a lot of them are new to the space maybe you can direct them to watch it.

  13. Hello, got some coin deals available i was working on the Darkweb, hit me up on Kik App @ willDill549

  14. Facebook Libra IS NOT Crypto. It is digital fiat currency pegged to a basket of Global Fiats. When the Central Bank finally collapses and the Reset starts in two years, they will be gone. Libra will create more awareness of the superior qualities of Bit Coin. In the end Bit Coin Wins.

  15. My brother made that video on xrp. We both do videos on this channel. And i’ve already given my full opinion on libra in past videos. Do i need to bring it up every time?

  16. Thanks fellas, Crow almost always gets it dead wrong. I appreciate you watching it for me and extracting the value.

  17. Also just letting you know more then half of people on your show holds XRP just saying

  18. @Belle P. libra is a digital currency but it is nothing close to being crypto. Libra is controlled by Facebook. What happens when facebook decides to lock you out of your wallet because of a possible post of yours they dont agree with?

    A real cryptocurrency cant be shut off by a government, a CEO or any other 3rd party. That defeats the whole point of a crypto. The only true crypto without a CEO is BTC.

  19. Hi, so I own a lot of ADA on Binance but I believe it’s stopping it’s operations in sept. I also have account on Coinbase but it doesn’t support ADA yet. What should I do ? I don’t want to sell it. Pls lmk 👍

  20. Dude, there is literally no chance of $20k BTC by August. I think we’ll still be below $10,000.

  21. True, it’s hard to believe anyone in crypto celebrates any derivatives being added to crypto. be prepared for even more massive manipulation of price.

  22. Just a heads up’twowould be more appropriate in this usage. ‘Tois a preposition. There is a big difference between the two.
    We all make those sort of typos but I just thought it would give me a kick to razz you a little for that 😉


  23. @whitieinvermont well you were wrong as opinions are like arse holes everyone has one and most STINK…vrede….and careful on advice givingyou can get in trouble

  24. @Sandjah they don’t were in a parabolic bull run..T.A. loses reliability and fools even the bestHODL imo

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