BREAKING: "Koop Bitcoin. KOOP DIT HIER. " – CNBC | IRS New BTC Tax Reform | ketting bedrogspul

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These are the next big catalysts for the bitcoin rally

These are the next big catalysts for the bitcoin rally

IRS Tells Congress It Will Soon Publish New Digital Asset Tax Guidance For The First Time Since 2014

IRS Tells Congress It Will Soon Publish New Digital Asset Tax Guidance For The First Time Since 2014

Official Letter

Tether admits in court to investing some of its reserves in bitcoin

Central Bank of Laos Issues Warning Against Using Cryptocurrency

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This information is what was found publicly on the internet. This information could’ve been doctored or misrepresented by the internet. All information is meant for public awareness and is public domain. This information is not intended to slander harm or defame any of the actors involved but to show what was said through their social media accounts. Please take this information and do your own research.

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BREAKING: "Koop Bitcoin. KOOP DIT HIER. " – CNBC | IRS New BTC Tax Reform | ketting bedrogspul

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  1. Shouldn’t we do the opposite of what CNBC says. According to classical sentiment.

  2. Dankie, Very informative Update Austin , China unbands Bitcoin,! 🚀 Catch you on the Next one,

  3. the tide has changed, mainstream media narrative is to push BTC since fidelity etc invlovement. yes we are likely a 30% pullback but thats insignificant to the gains over the next 3years.

    im sticking my neck out and saying 9600 before pullback. so go sell now on cnbc news and buyback at 9600!
    just in time for the pullback to 6k

  4. BTC is the key. I do see a vision of it.
    Sooner or later everyone will understand what is what.
    Honestly from about 400 of my friends and people that i know i am the only one on the same side with BTC.
    Die tyd sal leer.
    Keep it up Austin!…

  5. I had $5 in my wallet in 2017 and then i decided to do the opposite of what CNBC says and now I’m richer than Jeff Bozo

  6. Price struggling around 8k
    volume is dropping
    CNBC is bullish.
    Too many people yelled bullrun, market usually does the opposite.

  7. @Altcoin Daily – onthou…. “News for the Masses and News for the Classes”… Expect Correction and further Manipulation!

  8. It’s time to short Bitcoin Lmaoooo b/c BK said to buy. 😂😂😂 I agree with everything he said. However ALL of 2018 this guy was wrong.

  9. I call your channel ‘Alright Coin Daily’, cos you always start all your videos with “Regso…” 😀

  10. +markyhabs or CNBC want to start FUD in the crypto community, because they know the whole crypto community saysdo the opposite of what CNBC tells us to do”. They got a machine behind them and they change strategies depending of the outcome of their last strategy and changes in the targeted community. (English isn’t my native language).

  11. The IRS is the reason why Bakkt is using all that time to get approved. That won’t move until the IRS clarify taxes

  12. One may argue that too many people are now aware of that so you gotta go a level further. Being a lazy hodler is (once again) die “can’t do wrongsolution.

  13. ceazer316 what about if it’s reverse psychology, they know everyone says that so ur gonna get trolled

  14. D Based
    If most of people think like you do
    Then I should do opposite of what you will do , to buy bitcoin buy it now 😁

  15. Tether should be able to reinvest a small percentage of holdings how they see fit. Banks reinvest almost 70 Top 90 percent of your money as it sits in your bank account

  16. onthou: If you want to gain money do the opposite CNBS says. Hence DO NOT INVEST 1% of your portfolio. Invest 99%.

  17. +Java Ejercicios one day its gona happend like the story from the wolfa girl everyday walking on the street then she start screaming HELP HELP there is a big wolf trying to catch me, and wend some peapol shows up she start laugh and it was all a big lieshe made that for many times until one day wend she waling to home a realy big wolf shows up and start running trying to catch her and wend she start screaming HELP HELP the peapol listen but they dont believe her … ( this is the same game CNBC is doing ) one day they will make big news talking very well about BTC and nobody will believe it and thats how they will make their big profits

  18. This is how all crypto news channel formats should be. Straight and to the point. Thank you very much for what you do.

  19. As they always do

    I’ve never lost sleep selling at the bottom or buying at the top. It feels good. It’s easy. ” I forget who said it, but some billionaire lmao

    What’s harder is buying a losing stock or selling a winning one

  20. If they had disclosed that from the start it would have been fine. They kept it secret and lied to their investors

  21. You’re still early friend, we will hold the wealth of the future. Just wait another 2 years.+Andy Dufrain

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