BREAKING: Bitcoin Gebruik ONTPLOF In Hong Kong! | Meer Fed Verligting SOON | beste Stablecoin

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Hong Kong ATMs Run Out of Money As Bitcoin Trading Volume Balloons

As Hong Kong ATMs Run Out Of Cash, Central Bank Steps In To Prevent "Panic Among The Public" van Bitcoin

Hong Kong’s SFC Releases Regulations for Crypto Fund Managers

JPMorgan Predicts Fed to Ease Rates Again by Halloween By

What Will Make Crypto and Blockchain More Relevant?

What Will Make Crypto and Blockchain More Relevant?

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BREAKING: Bitcoin Gebruik ONTPLOF In Hong Kong! | Meer Fed Verligting SOON | beste Stablecoin

48 kommentaar

  1. I hope people start waking up to the danger of trusting big banks and government. Too bad most don’t pay attention to places like Hong Kong because they believeit can’t happen here” (wherever they may be). As always, thanks for the video!

  2. Care to share a more personal incite on the ACTUAL current situation? It’s always better in my opinion to hear it from someone physically impacted.

  3. 7:45 Slowing Job Growth…. really? …. What happens when most of the people are employed, the job growth rate slows, lol. There is always going to be some without jobs for many reasons, but at 3.7% unemployed rate (Augustus 2019) the growth is going to slow down. “Hello, McFlyanyone home??”

  4. @Altcoin Daily Wasn’t implying yours did not, I watch these vids every day and am a huge supporter. I’m just curious to hear perspective from a local.

  5. It’s cool and maybe it will get things moving at some point, maar 12 millions a week is really nothing for a place with tons of money like Hong Kong.

  6. Oh no, I still have some Hong Kong Dollar. BTW, I liked when you liked the twitter post on the fly.

  7. BTC to the moon
    Just waiting for the rich noobs to come in after 20k
    Are rich people stupid enough to make us rich hmmmmm
    This is a traders paradise and that’s where the money is

  8. Very good video. Please follow-up on hong kong because this might get ugly. DavinciJ even thinks this might be the precursor of a financial collapse.

  9. Not everywhere! Only in communist/socialist countries! Euro, Swiss Franc, and US dollar will always be strong.

  10. Why should they censor what is going on? Sounds like something China would support, kinda like how most Chinese citizens today are unaware of tineman square

  11. @Altcoin Daily Being a hodlr, I do not use it very often, but I have if I can get a trading pair with DAI.

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