Bloomberg: There is a Generational Shift Towards Bitcoin | VanEck ETF Update! | Vechain News

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Why Bitcoin's Revival Is Different This Time Around

Why Bitcoin's Revival Is Different This Time Around

Willi Woo

Cupids Farm Milk, Produced by Bright Food, Became the First Product to Go Live On BrightCode, a VeChainThor Blockchain Solution to Be Used By Millions

Brave Browser to Raise Over $30 Million in Series A Equity Round: Bronne

Brave Browser to Raise Over $30 Million in Series A Equity Round: Bronne


Bitcoin ETF Approval Rumors Fly as ETF Conference Welcomes ‘Crypto Mom

Jake Chervinsky

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Bloomberg: There is a Generational Shift Towards Bitcoin | VanEck ETF Update! | Vechain News

45 kommentaar

  1. I’ve been saying it, crypto currency is here to stay if you don’t get that by now than sorry!

  2. is way too early to talk about asteroid gold…. that is still way too far into the future.

  3. Gold isn’t going anywhere , not everyone will trade something physical for something digital and they can’t see & touch.
    Elites and other people will still store large amount of wealth in Gold they are not worried about needing to break it down too buy things, its purpose is to literally sit there and hold portions of their wealth .That being said Digital Assets will simply become anotherasset class”, but it won’t displace others asset classes since the entire goal of asset classes is to offer different avenues to diversify ones portfolio nobody with millions or billions would hold their entire wealth in any single asset .

  4. 99% of Gold being traded are derivatives, talking about scarcity it is 99% diluted

    Either buy a real gold bar or Bitcoin

  5. However I do believe precious metals will always close boom and bust cycles of asset classes. Crypto will also bust extroardinarily at some point in the distant future in favor of precious metals. With one reason only: the shiniest coins will always be pure gold.

  6. I’m a boomer and I sold all my gold and silver for BTC 3 jare terug. Got feed up with all the price manipulation. Any intelligent person can see where the future is.

  7. I think that gold will still be a valuable commodity but it’s store of value will be far surpassed by the new digital asset classesIt seems totally obvious..!

  8. Diversify people! Hold gold, silver, Bitcoin, and other cryptos! Invest in multiple things.

  9. +Altcoin Daily True. There will be some of that gold that goes into crypto. Even 1% is 700 miljard. I’m sure it will be more than that though. But whatever it is is going to be over many years, 1-2 decades so it’s going to be hard to see put a number on it.

  10. Although its a weak investment compared to some cryptos ” Top 10 or 20″, I still love physical silver & goud.

  11. Nice video, what about the Bankers controlling 2/3 of gold supply. If they move that money to btc they will be able to manipulate the price as well. And maybe own most of the btc.
    Maybe Satoshi is one of em 😕 lol
    Conspiracy theorist in me
    Remember he kept 1 million for himself (themselves)

  12. Without gold crypto is useless. 90% of physical gold is used for electronics. And how do you use crypto oh yeah with electronics using gold in it’s circutries.

  13. I get what you’re saying, but gold/silver is tangible. I love crypto, but I wonder how many times metals have been attacked over the centuries? I think your better off owning both.

  14. Smart move man. I’m about to do the same. 10 years and the price has done nothing but go down. Garbage market.

  15. 32ndBrother 4 trillion and that will be mid November and no one sees it coming. Get ready to ride that wave.

  16. Medic 19 We are about to see the Federal Reserve Dollar die as a GOLD backed National Currency for the USA is introduced with a time allotted for swap that will have all those gangsters with walls filled with cash😡mad as hell. Electronic currency will be widely expected as the new Global Economic System is rolled out. Look harder at Germany right NOW!!!!! Better yet check out Crypto Viewing a few days ago on the roll out. Then do your research. Then share what you find. Shout it out loud. Here it comes. November will be the glorious beginning for all of us positioned correctly.

  17. For me can go lower how much it can, I need to make my £1000 pounds deposit on bitcoin, so how much lower the better for me 😂

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