Blockchain Projects Reggie Middleton Talks Veritaseum. Cryptocurrency Nuus

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The New Kids On The Blockchain met up with Reggie Middleton whilst he was in London for a Veritaseum meet-up and chatted about Veritaseum, how it works , regulation and where he sees the next year ahead.

We also chatted in depth about a number of interesting subjects that will feature in our documentary out early next year.

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Blockchain Projects Reggie Middleton Talks Veritaseum. Cryptocurrency Nuus

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  1. thanks for making this video, wished i got in on the ICO but might have to just look into it now before it goes up! Sounds amazing

  2. J Wilson The Lighthouse Report is still available for reading: Of course you will now say it’s been debunked. But the facts are facts. Only bag holders of this coin feel this information is unimportant. Veritaseum will go back to its ICO price, where it belongs. People seem to hate my critique of fraud coins or negative points about specific cryptos. The truth is there needs to be more people like me who are honest. Instead we get individuals constantly pumping garbage due to greed, perhaps like you J Wilson or the maker of this video. Surely nobody can be this ignorant of the sketchy details surround Veritaseum.

  3. Love it. Finally some exposure for the greatest disruptive utility on a blockchain 🙂

  4. Doreen’s Good Vibes Energetic Wellness pleasure, trying to make it short and content rich

  5. Please let me know who else you would like me to interview and I’ll try and make it happen. thanks 🙂

  6. Oh man I would love to get free VERI haha that would be sweet! I’d load up

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