Bitcoin Setting Up For A MASSIVE BULL RUN That Will Make 2017 Look Like A MoleHill

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Here’s The Case For A $100,000 Bitcoin Price By The End Of 2021 [waarskuwing: OPINION]

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Bitcoin Dominance


Bitcoin Miners Earn More in a Day than BSV and BCH Do in 1 Year Combined


Lightning Network in 2019 so far, +87% increase in LN BTC Capacity and +99% increase in LN Nodes

Lightning Network Capacity Line Chart

Here’s The Case For A $100,000 Bitcoin Price By The End Of 2021

Bitcoin Magazine 10th Anniversary Edition
Bitcoin Magazine 10th Anniversary Edition

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Bitcoin Setting Up For A MASSIVE BULL RUN That Will Make 2017 Look Like A MoleHill

62 kommentaar

  1. Thank you for update. Really appreciated. I think bitcoin topping out. Fomo start buying more and whales will start dumping very soon.

  2. Weereens dankie, just waiting to see what happens this morning, see if they wipe out this air pump from the weekend

  3. With a new Bitcoin ath new people will come into the market and altcoins will go up again! But this time the shitcoins will die!

  4. 2017 you can’t short Alts. Its alts season for those shorting them. Unfortunately most ppl dca and hodl. $20000 probably will see some reversal in alts

  5. Think of it this way. Millions of new people coming in. Bitcoin is thetraining coin” (and yes store of value) and select Alts will be where all the big money is made.

  6. The real Shitcoins are the dollar euro yen bolivar and other fiatcurrencys,it is all going to be about peer to peer digital currencys the peoples currency!!

  7. But the question. At what price do we sell to take advantage of the future correction. Sell at 18k hoping for the 13k correction. Sell at 30k and buy back at 20k. Hard choices in the following weeks

  8. @J J you should invest more time studying bitcoinchina is afraid of bitcoin infact thier central bank issues a statement that they will bann all cryptocurrencies transactioni really suggest you do some research on bitcoin with an open mind !

  9. @Anisto Thank you for your insight as I too know about the so called ban. I also know about the war on drugs that is run by the CIA smugglers who bring it in. I also know about the war on terror that has a camera on every block suppose to keep us safe but instead watches our every move. Do you believe Caitlyn Jenner is a woman also?Please wake up sir the governments are at war with each other, they are the only one who can move a market this big. People who it is suppose to be for dont have enough to make this thing budge a nudge. Its the big governments that push things around and act like they dont have anything to do with it. You should research how easy it is to con people in money. Good luck

  10. CNR4EVR lol all your Coins except eth are senseless! What makes them better than bitcoin, think about it!

  11. @Rmeredith77 I bought at 9200 sold at 11000 yesterday with huge profit. I don’t regret because fall will be be parabolic as well in coming few days to find new lows . I know moon boys not gonna believe it.

  12. @Phurba Sherpa hmm sherpa ji I dont regret . I bought at 9200 last week sold at 11000. I think we will be coming down very soon 2 days from now. Just my opinion you have yours .good luck hai

  13. @J J the only difference in my opinion between the government and bitcoin that the ladder have a transparency transactions and everyone can track that payment to the source. So incase of drug wars and terrorism this is the best way to see all the transactions that take place .. and you are right , government wont allow this to happen if they could !! Look all silicon valley companies, they are all coming after the banks business. .. libra is about to launch soon and its not a cryptocurrency but they like to call it that because it will be based on the blockchain technology .. i believe in my opinion if these big companies are gathering to form the coin libra then bitcoin must have some substantial value .. i was in ur shoes when bitcoin was 3500$ but then i inderstood the technology behind it and its purpose. As for governement controling btc , then thy have to turn the internet off..

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