Bitcoin OFFICIALLY Mainstream | EOS FOMO | Ernst & Young Blockchain | $5 Million Crypto Against SEC

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Bitcoin Is The New Stock Market | Bloomberg

Bitcoin Is The New Stock Market | Bloomberg


Bitcoin Officially Mainstream As Microsoft Adds Excel Currency Option

EOS FOMO Heats Up Pushing Crypto Markets to New Ten Month High

EOS FOMO Heats Up Pushing Crypto Markets to New Ten Month High

Want to Know Your Wine Is Genuine? EY Has Built a Blockchain for That

Want to Know Your Wine Is Genuine? EY Has Built a Blockchain for That

Kik Launches $5 Million Crypto Funding Campaign for Lawsuit Against US SEC

JPMorgan Adds Privacy Features to Ethereum-Based Quorum Blockchain

JPMorgan Adds Privacy Features to Ethereum-Based Quorum Blockchain

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Bitcoin OFFICIALLY Mainstream | EOS FOMO | Ernst & Young Blockchain | $5 Million Crypto Against SEC

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  1. I FOMO’d on EOS😁😁 bought (10) of them haha will be buying $100 worth when it goes red

  2. Great video 🦂🐜🦈🐊🐘🦍🦓🦘🍀🍀☘️☘️🎋🌱🌴🐲🌵🌿🌱🐉🎍🐚🍄🍁🌘🌘🌒🌙🌙🌙🌪🔥🔥💥☄️💫🌟🌤🌤☀️

  3. I argued with a few people on social today. The public still thinks bitcoin will just disappear. Can’t help but laugh at this point. I’ve tried to get people to see the value in it, but they don’t care/listen. They really think it’s going away. lol

  4. 🏄🏽‍♀️🎤🎬🥁🎹🎨🎟🎫🥉🎯🎸🎯🎸🎮🎲🎰🧩🚕🚗🚑🏎🏎

  5. Watching now. Tim back at the helm. He was pretty much my first advocate I followed as he was so early involved investor. So I researched him and Draper Dragon to Estonia as the first country to embrace the crypto currency nationally accepted. Just saying in December 2017, this is where I was. Thinking back, seems like so long ago and I have learned so very much more since. Back in June last year I did believe that Bitcoin’s dominance in the market would be under 50% as of this last December. I was wrong. Now understanding that it’s importance as a main faucet for fiat globally to be injected into the space. Yet I still believe that some , no many Altcoins will have a much larger gain compared to BTC later, which is soon now, to swap/trade for a nice position in BTC. Still rolling the 🎲 🎲.🤞🏽Have I believe 2 months to continue playing and be positioned well before November, which I still believe will be the time for a run like never seen before. Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day and took a little time to reflect and give thanks to those that have sacrificed for the way we live here in the States.

  6. Great 👍 ✈️✈️✈️💰💰💰💸💵💴💶🧯⛓🛠⚒🔨🔧🔧🧰💷🛢🛢💸🛢🔌💵💎🔨💣🧨🧨💣💣🔫🧲🧲🔫🔫🧲⛏🔩⚙️⚙️💣⛓⛓🧱

  7. Who would you rather listen to, a Billionaire or the guy at work who says Bitcoin is a PONZI SCHEME!

  8. Bitcoin will be irrelevant fairly soon yes, but the crypto space isn’t going anyway. The technology is ground breaking, so much so that bitcoins blockchain looks like old pointless tech.

  9. +Altcoin Daily I’ve been listening for over 20 jaar. As sure as we know bitcoin will rise, when he finally retires life will be meaningless so what does it even matter! Haha. Geen, but seriously that’s gonna suck!!!!

  10. I doubt BTC will go as far down as $3100 óf – too much interest in it now. Having said that Its possible the new BTC futures players could drive the price down artificially by getting behind a minor pullback and riding it out of all proportion. I saw this happen to the copper price back in the 1980ssuch behaviour saw the price race further than it should have gone and in the end the authorities were telling them to lay off as they were threatening to damage the industry! My only advice for investors and new bees is to take advantage of Mr Cedric’s program, a pro trader who’s is helping investors accumulate more bitcoin through his amazing trading strategy, with his program I went from having 2.5btc to 9btc in just 3weeks. You can reach him on cryptocedricdahl @gmail or telegram @cryptocedric1 or whatsapp; +1 317 763-8594.,

  11. cedric is the best trader alive, i made 12btc in profits through his program.

  12. he has the best strategy in the market at the moment, i recommend him for anyone who is trying to make some money trading!

  13. +neilsmith2009 They are too shortsighted. It’s hard not to let the ignorance get to you isn’t it?

  14. i am so happy i saw this, i will finally have someone to guide me as my trading experience is very small, i just contacted him!

  15. +Made2lasti heard about him as well and i contacted him and found out that he is actually legit

  16. Iol. Even EOS community didn’t exactly know what the announcement will be. You seems already know from the cast.

  17. How far we have come ,,,,have you heard of this new thing called Amazon ,,it’s gonna be big ! Lol lol ,,,reg. Great points

  18. +JoeCode I’ve heard this argument before. meh..Bitcoin is proven tech. New tech can wish it was Bitcoin.

  19. Altcoin Daily As the days pass closer to my first anniversary of dumping CHASE, kicking the banking institutions to the curb, I relish the thought of in just 2 more years I will be totally FREE. Community is the key. That is what will keep many Altcoinsalive”. The people/communities of investors to actually using for a means of exchange and services will be the key the what will be. Let’s look back and have a real conversation when 50% of the globe is onboard. Maybe a Crypto themed cruise? How many trillions would be in the space by then?

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