Bitcoin Mooning , Litecoin , EOS , Crypto on FIRE. 50TH SHOW!

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It's the New Kids On The Blockchain's 50th show. Help us celebrate as we talk all things CRYPTO and BLOCKCHAIN and discuss the Bitcoin Boom, Binance hack and much more. Featured project this week is Anchor, a new stable coin. Anchor is modeled as a two-token system consisting of the Anchor Coin, the system’s currency and payment token, and the Dock Token, the systems utility token that is used to insure system stability.

News stories:

VS. Banning Bitcoin (BTC) Would Drive Adoption: Legendary Crypto Investor

Analysts Roar As Bitcoin Tops $6,700, Short Squeeze May Sustain Crypto Rally

Prominent Bitcoin Analyst: If BTC Holds this Price for a Day or Two, I’m Flipping Bullish

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NB. All information shared here is for information only and should not be considered any kind of financial advice. Always do your own research.

Bitcoin Mooning , Litecoin , EOS , Crypto on FIRE. 50TH SHOW!

44 kommentaar

  1. HAPPY 50th guys. thanks so much for all the great content over the year. Cant have been easy!

  2. PPT PLEASE (POPULOUS) My favorite crypto by far. I can use it to make money and never lose my PPT! On another noteUS cogressmen seem to forget that they are our EMPLOYEES not our gods.

  3. Happy 50th show! Avid fan from the start, can’t wait for the next 50 (When BTC will be $25K! lol)

  4. Thanks Adam, no it hasn’t. We make this show for the love as there certainly isnt any financial assistance 🙁 Thats why we cant afford to market weekly anymore, hence drop in views

  5. Dankie, Defo be up for chatting to them again. I see Syscoin is about to get delisted on Binance though 🙁

  6. How are they doing on this new platform release. Coming soon ? Been a lot of negative press lately be good to see them doing well again

  7. Happy 50th! Litecoin, Digibyte, cloak, Reddcoin, Pillar. You should start accepting Reddcoin when the Apps released 😉

  8. +New Kids On The Blockchain I expect lots of negative press, after all, they’re taking $$$ from the dirty banksters and putting the money back into the people’s pocket. PANIC in bankland!!!

  9. Thanks very much. Litecoin i think is a defo. Will think about the others 🙂

  10. Thanks you too 🙂 enclosed is a link with a great article by one of the Digibyte luminaries, it’s the best I’ve read and lays out the various directions they’re going in, very popular in the UK too.

  11. Fiat currencies has no value other than people’s trust in the government, and is constantly being manipulated by the government, rather than by the free market. A coin pegged to a fiat currency is worth just as much.

  12. Happy Half CenturyI’ve just gone into the back of the cupboard, and dusted off my Spacesuitthe Crypto Winter is OVERstrap yourself innext stop el Luna!!

  13. Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun! – if you can make it through the winter the future is bright! – what would be amazing is features with Trace Mayer or Andreas Antonopoulos in 2019 – they’d be like the Robert Plant and Eddie Van Halen of the Crypto World!!

  14. +New Kids On The Blockchain yes, but just WHO makes up the community? Could be filled with people like you and me. Then again could be relitives, friends and neighbors of the crooks that will lose power. We just don’t know. I am all for returning power and finance to the people and not a certain few. I will support those who feel the same to the end. More than happy Populous did not rush just to get their platform out there. This needs to be done right.

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