Bitcoin JUST Broke Past $9,000!! NEW 2019 HIGHS! FacebookCoin Unveil Libra Assoc | Ethereum 2.0

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Bitcoin Surpasses 1 Million Daily Active Addresses

Bitcoin Surpasses 1 Million Daily Active Addresses

The Berkshire Hathaway Portfolio: Almal 48 Buffett Stocks

Ethereum “ETH 2.0” Genesis Block May Launch in January 2020

Ethereum “ETH 2.0Genesis Block May Launch in January 2020

Ethereum 2.0 Planned For Launch on the 3rd of January 2020

Facebook to Unveil ‘Libra Association’ and Launch Testnet Next Week


Facebook’s ‘Silicon Valley Coin’ Is A Leap Towards Surveillance Capitalism


Visa, Paypal Say They’ll Pay $10 Million to Run ‘Facebook Coin’ – verslag

Facebook's cryptocurrency venture getting some new backers

Facebook's cryptocurrency venture getting some new backers

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Bitcoin JUST Broke Past $9,000!! NEW 2019 HIGHS! FacebookCoin Unveil Libra Assoc | Ethereum 2.0

57 kommentaar

  1. I hope I could gather 2 BTC before the halving. Optimistic because I think we’re on the brink of BOOM. I plan to hold for years hopefully.

  2. Love it or hate it, FB will definitely bring exposure to cryptos as a whole. This could be a powder keg!

  3. Hey AAA, We don’t need Warren Buffet, Tim Cook, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates…..They will join anyway soon

  4. After holding for the past few years and not selling in 2018 it feels so good to feel like we are going back up for real. Oh and fb coin sucks.

  5. As long as there is exposure and buzz for the space its ok. Im no either now in stable coins and never will be. But if it means more people get to know about bitcoin Im welcoming it with open arms.

  6. yes i agree but its a big opening to the masses who dont know about cryptos like bitcoin litecoin etckeep hodling

  7. Facebook exists to get social information. I believe the use of its coin will be used to get marketing information.

  8. @Altcoin Daily
    Facebooks coin will grab attention for BTC, but it will not rival BTC.

    FB, is FOMOing.
    No one trusts FB. There is big security hacks in FB. Yet it will drive crypto awareness and that can only help BTC.

  9. Juan Molero what’s the difference between bitcoin adds that appeared on f book 2017. And now??

  10. facebook coin totally non crypto fully centrilized tracked and all payments will be tracked stored and sold to corporations that want to sell you more stuff. Iam staying a long way away from facebook coin

  11. Justin Talks Moneyit sucks due to being so centralized, egter; the exciting thing is can blockchain technology scale up to the huge demand , which blockchain are FB going to run with. Exciting days ahead.

  12. Thats what we do. But we bought when btc was high in 2018. Put our home refi into btc….We are are holding 40k in btc until retirement in 30 jaar.

  13. Instead ofhatingLibra, just go on FB (after Libra comes out) and bombard your friends/contacts with BTC education and the differences between centralization and decentralizationdon’t hate, educate!

  14. I’m ready for more people to really learn about Bitcoin. My coworkers think I’m crazy and Bitcoin isfake money” haha.

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