Bitcoin: 47% Styging in Grijswaarden se GBTC Trust Seine High Institusionele Die vraag! En Ander Crypto Nuus

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Bitcoin: 47% Styging in Grijswaarden se GBTC Trust Seine High Institusionele Die vraag! En Ander Crypto Nuus

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47% Rise in Grayscale’s GBTC Trust Signals High Institutional Demand

Costliness of money (annually):


People Only Want to Buy Bitcoin *After* Price Rises, Google Data Shows

Former Coinbase Exec Appointed Head of Sales and Marketing at Fidelity

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Bitcoin: 47% Styging in Grijswaarden se GBTC Trust Seine High Institusionele Die vraag! En Ander Crypto Nuus

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  1. Only problem with BTC I can see is the volatility, once you’ve been in crypto for a wile you know that’s how it goes , but with new investors this could be a big problem at which they see crypto as too risky , not me tho lol I love a good dip and to get a good price

  2. Two other youtubers were talking about Grayscale. You are the only one that explained it to where it makes sense. Thank you for being so clear and wording it in a way that is understandable.

  3. Trump 100 days in the office 13772. I like paragragh a) and b) but trump knows even he protect the citizen. Institution flock ip easy tax payers bail out. We at 21 trillion before december 2018 now 22 trillion after dow jones and S&P so called glitch in december 2018 but it made its correction someone got 1 trillion to buy low.

  4. Had a great trade with GBTC. In at $4.75 out at $6.75 and have a limit order in for a buy at $3.75. 42% profit 👍

  5. I’ve been of the opinion that we’ve bottomed for a few months now. I got some of that 3200 dollar btc

  6. Just imaginewe are in a tiny minority holding a SCARCE resource prior to it being mass adopted! Sjoe. It is mind blowing! 🙂

  7. +Crypto Messia may be, but for me it will big shot up, cz who not know about btc now n the cycle, intitusion coming with bakkt nyc n other, 1 year bear market its make boring selling, halving in history make big move up to btc n many reason

  8. No we are not. Crypto is no secret. It hasn’t been for the past 6 years of its 10yr life span. People need to stop saying thistiny minoritynonsense to make themselves feel good.

  9. +Edwin I.T. lol! Can you do 7.5 billion divided by 25 miljoen? What do you make the percentage of the world’s BTC hodlers? Enjoy.

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