Binance = goed of sleg? CZ Hero or Villain? BNB FUD at ATH for launch of BinanceChain DEX!

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VRYWARING: Dit is nie finansiële advies! Dit is 'n vermaak en-opinie gebaseer show. Ek is nie 'n finansiële adviseur. Asseblief net belê wat jy kan bekostig om te verloor, en ons moedig u aan om jou eie navorsing te doen voordat 'n belegging. DYOR!

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Binance = goed of sleg? CZ Hero or Villain? BNB FUD at ATH for launch of BinanceChain DEX!

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  1. im the first lol, bnb is an amazing coin already has tested its use and it will be used in the future. Actually is one of the few coins with real use and as binance burns them its has more and more value with time, is a winner , thanks elliot love your videos i want a fud tv tshirt

  2. Great video as usual, great perspective on the market and nice to hear someone who is level headed in this market.

  3. Another great video! There will always be complainers in competitive situations. Getting listed and maintaining listing is competitive. Losing those positions is always opportunities for gripe. Binance is a business. Either do business with them or don’t. Read the contract. Yup, read the tiny print! Ongelukkig, as a BNB coin holder, I do care that they take care of business first. I also support that they don’t debate in public. Always trouble.

  4. Um I don’t understand your question fud,but I do who chico crypto is and hes a bit of an angry drunk who started a quality channel then got so narcissistic that lost most any credibilityso I think

  5. Are you trying to mess with my head?….. that pineapple was not there at the start of your vid and then it just appears, I need to take my pills 🤣🤣🤣👍

    Love your vids man

  6. Villain. All ERC20s are ponzicoins that nobody will ever actually use for real world purposes and are easy to crank out. Look at DENT, seems like a plausible utility, using it to buy and sell phone time, but almost nobody actually uses it, because of insane volatility. It’s more gambling than utility. That’s why I call them ponzicoins, all of the trade volume is from people hoping to sell to later ponzi joiners, not from people and companies actually using them for their supposed utility. Somebody will be stuck with them and have no actual use for them. But the worst thing about Binance is the fake bot volume, which shifts the orders around by tens or hundreds of BTC every few seconds. That is not real volume. No exchange really has volume in hundreds of BTC on crappy ERC20 tokens but only a few tens of BTC on real coins like Doge. That’s another reason why I think ERC20s are a scam, way more volume than real coins with their own blockchains instead of just piggy-backing on the ETH network.

  7. Chico Crypto is one of the only crypto channel with any balls. He’s the only guy that will give you thorough well researched views backing his claims. He will call out steaming crap like Tron backed with fact, meanwhile FUD TV has no clue about details surrounding it.

  8. Binance’s Listing and delisting communication is really impressive.
    Some charts show wicks (hunts to stop order and limit orders?) not shown in other exchanges.

  9. Binance and CZ are too professional to tarnish their brand and reputation by playing a silly small-scale game; it makes no sense.
    You could understand how an unscrupulous you tuber would want to sensationalise the BINANCE FUD to sell more copy.
    It is therefore more likely that the journalists are the villains of the piece.

  10. Love the content.
    Fudnation reps would like to suggest lose the music it distracts.
    And bring back our mascot 🍍

  11. I daytrade and watch the markets on Binance every day. I can see Bots in action all the time. I have never used a bot but I don’t understand how a program can click on the buttons of Binance to place and cancel orders that fast. Seriously, the bots are moving sooo fast, we are talking fractions of a second. Even with the fastest machine on the planet, a bot would still have to work with the speed of a normal binance account which would make these super fast movements impossible. Unless there are VIP accounts that I don’t know of, with a unusually super fast interface for your bot to work with, it seems like the only possibility is Binance itself using bots from the inside. I would like to be proven wrong but it is the only possibility I see.

  12. Who cares if CZ is good or bad. All we should care about at the moment is if BNB can make us money.

  13. Yea you should do some more research on that, those coin burnings have been questioned more than once.
    But i do agree it got a usecase on the plattform.
    maar 10 bucks a piece? Sounds a bit pumped for a coin that people use to pay courtage on an exchange..

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