BIG UPDATE: Bitcoin + Goldman Sachs | Energi (NRG) Opdateer | 11.8 Million XRP and Cardano Stolen

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Goldman Sachs CEO Hints Bank Might Launch ‘JPM Coin’-Like Crypto

Goldman Sachs CEO Hints Bank Might Launch ‘JPM Coin’-Like Crypto

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Binance Talking to Facebook About Libra Listing: Reports

Binance Talking to Facebook About Libra Listing: Reports

11.8 Million XRP and Cardano (ADA) Stolen From Singapore-Based Bitrue,

11.8 Million XRP and Cardano (ADA) Stolen From Singapore-Based Bitrue, Crypto Holders Accuse Ireland’s Bitsane of Exit Scam


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BIG UPDATE: Bitcoin + Goldman Sachs | Energi (NRG) Opdateer | 11.8 Million XRP and Cardano Stolen

28 kommentaar

  1. Bank specific coins won’t go over too well with interbank transfers. A single coin like XRP or Stellar that can work for any bank on a single block chain is a great advantage.

  2. Good , got me before work. Welcome to the World of VERI. Tokenization of any & everything. LYBRA 💩 Airdrop news. I jumped behind on TitanCoin for quick profits now to extend my BTC holdings and sold all my KaratGoldCoin for BTC this morning. Will sacrifice a few more before the 4th of July. Unfortunately I did not get more XRC as it dipped WAY DOWN as many Alts did. Is this getting fun yet? Many are excited. I loved the clip I sent you last on the new electronic Economic System that the World will be adopting. Welcome to early for all the newbies getting started. 💪Remain strong. There is a storm brewing. It will be an entertaining & very interesting ride. WWG1WGA 🤝

  3. The fact you are seeing this update on $NRG says it all. Energi has the means to market their services. As they market their product they take one step closer to their goal of world adoption. There was a time that people would not have known who Amazon was or who Google was. Now everyone knows! That day will also come for Energi! #NRG $NRG

  4. Nice to see reviewer comparing NRG to top coins out there. I believe it will be others soon to be compared to NRG.

  5. Great Austin , thanks for the update on Energi . So cool to watch NRG moving forward .
    Can’t wait for 3.0 , stable coin and Energi X . Check out discord it’s so welcoming and friendly . Sgane coins are the future .

  6. Energi has so much potential, only at rank 70, can’t wait for it to reach at least the top 20.
    Another great update by the way!

    Waiting for their exchange ENERGI X and the switch to a smart contract platform in the 3.0 update

  7. David Nelms y wouldn’t banks just use their own coin like JPM? Isn’t Swift’s partnership with chainlink and google a big red flag for xrp?

  8. NRG deserves a comment all by itself. You did a good breakdown. It is 🤑‼️The future is bright for this project. 👍🏽👍🏽two thumbs up. I indorse this 110% as well as GRAFT & XRC for deals of 2019 to be widely used and growth potential as well as residual income. Masternodes and Staking is the key. I can’t stress that enough 🚨Remain calm, don’t panic sell. Have a plan but don’t be scared to alter as the space moves quickly. As many will tell you….Cryptos never sleepI take naps. Enjoy. Have fun. Make your own destiny. This is a wonderful time to be alive, but with such great pleasure there must be pain. The transition to the new system about to be implemented will not be easy for those not well prepared. Good luck 🤝 😎

  9. Paul Young nice. Don’t lose it in xrp! Xrp been stealing bitcoins from newbie investors since 2012

  10. Thanks for keeping us updated on energi it is really awesome to see them continue to kick goals and build an awesome following and community, great video thanks 🙏🏼❤️

  11. Thanks for covering Energi again on Altcoin Daily! It is truly a unique coin and I suspect its well funded treasury has helped this coin rise in the past couple weeks with all of their marketing efforts coming together for maximum exposure through their Earndrop, Discord rain give aways, and sponsored media. A smart business move that seems to be really paying off now!

  12. Goldman Suchs has been manipulating the stock market along with PMs. Another criminal bank in league with JP Morgue, BOA, and all tied to the Fed (their Master). And Merril Lynch just go caught manipulating the price of gold. They will pay a fine but just treat it as the cost of doing business and do it again and again as the fine is a very small % of the profits made by their criminal activities.

  13. I got into nrg at 4 dollars. Apparently tommy, the founder of nrg made 100mill off of ethereumI can see it going much higher.

  14. Hope so I got 12k vet for 9/10 /penny. Even a .50cent rise would gi e me .5 btc right now

  15. Man I watched Banking on Bitcoin in 2016 when it was selling for $300. When they said the banks were going to make their own coins I knew Bitcoin was doomed and never bought.
    How wrong I was smdh.

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