Be Ready! If You Are Waiting To Buy Bitcoin Then You Might Want To Watch This. JUST MY OPINION!

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Charlie Shrem: Mei 2018 Will Be ‘Last TimeBitcoin Costs Under $10,000

Dogecoin added to Coinbase, wtf

Dogecoin added to Coinbase, wtf van CryptoCurrency

CoinMarketCap to Remove Exchanges From Calculations If They Don’t Provide Mandatory Data

Careful what you wish for.

Square’s Bitcoin Revenue Jumped to $65.5 Million in Q1, Its Highest Ever

Square’s Bitcoin Revenue Jumped to $65.5 Million in Q1, Its Highest Ever

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Be Ready! If You Are Waiting To Buy Bitcoin Then You Might Want To Watch This. JUST MY OPINION!

55 kommentaar

  1. Yesterday you were advocating to buy Bitcoin and waxing lyrical saying ‘money talks, my money’s in Bitcoin’ ens. Make your mind up!

  2. Previous years didn’t have Grayscale running television commercials. Didn’t have Wall Street buying and marketing products to their consumer base. The number of brokerages, stable coins, institutional and retail interest is far greater than previous years. Not to say it won’t correct 25% in the short term. But it could just as easily jump up 25%. You right. Dollar cost average and sleep well.

  3. Thanks for tagging with JUST MY OPINION. Lots of idiots go around preaching their opinions like they’re facts =/

  4. He said at the 5 min mark that he wouldn’t wait to buy and prefers to cost average than speculate on bitcoin going down. “If you are waiting be careful. I wouldn’t wait to buy”. Seems consistent although I could have misunderstood one of you.

  5. Coinmarket is attempting to lessen wash trading by mandating Exchanges to be provide concrete data of their volumes. No a bad move.

  6. +Altcoin Daily I think the only people that sold at 6K were the ones that were so uncertain about their investments. I think we will get to 6k and bounce around a bit more but until then Ima HODL.

  7. Ok fair enough 😄 I do enjoy your channel, just sounded like you were jumping from one side to the other. TBF I hadn’t listened to the whole video. With the institutional investment and mass adoption that’s coming, Bitcoin and the top Altcoins in general will only be going one way IMO.

  8. Indeed. I gave up trying to predict these market swings years ago. My normal routine is to buy 1000 usd worth of bitcoin every payday but I stopped a couple months ago and have been stacking cash. If we crash to 4k, I’ll dump it in.

  9. Don’t forget to get your free 100 XLM from airdrop. KYC required tho.

  10. +Marky MGTOW
    *>I want to get a job again so I can buy bitcoin every month also I would be happy holding 5-10 bitcoin*
    It’s worth considering. If we want something in this life we’ve got to work for it, whether that’s a job or some kind of private business.

  11. Everyone expecting a drop so it won’t happen

    Short squeeze to 6K

    Then dump to 4.7k

    Yep 👍

    Thx me later

  12. Bitfinex also got a slap on the fingers… (Let’s hope they don’t go bankrupt)…

  13. Yea but with that knowledge is the knowledge that many got rekt, the whales control the market and it could drop like a rock at any moment.

  14. we haven’t seen a spike in lumens for a while. i think we are due. i like them. i sent a bunch to another wallet and the transfer was instant. it blew away bitcoin and even ethereum speeds. literally as fast as i typed in my google auth code and clicked submit, i put my phone down and quickly checked and there they were in my other wallet. it is no wonder ibm chose them.

  15. +Reggie Menard let’s clean up crypto-land a bitThrow a few people in jailEtc

  16. +Jose Guzman
    You could be right but we could also have another massive pump over 6k and never see 5k again. I’ve given up trying to predict this sort of thing. When I roll the dice on my predictions I’m wrong more than I’m right so I stopped doing it.
    I only play a game when I can win. If I can’t win I don’t play.

  17. Cannot the volume be calculated by transaction history and their dates in the crypto’s blockchain?

  18. Could anyone tell me what is happening with Altcoins right now? Bitcoin pumps Altcoins go down, Bitcoin dumps Altcoins goes down even further. Is everyone selling Altcoins or what kind of trickery is going on? 🙂

  19. Really? Seems to me everyone is saying its never going down again snd the majority think its bottomed.

  20. Hey broski check crypto crew university for a more detailed analysis of likely timeline which does call for one last correction

  21. Bitcoin mining reward halving getting closer every day. It may be that people with experience are front running the market after what happened during the last 4 yearly cycle. We’ll see!

  22. You can buy now and earn more, Bitcoin has cemented a higher low bullish momentum having maintained a hold above $5,000 support over the last 1 month despite multiple dips in its price. Bitcoin now looks set to continue its climb within the ascending triangle – typically bullish indicators – with a measured target set at $6000 dollar- $6800 dollar , which might see Bitcoin will reach $10,000 USD before the end of the year. Without proper knowledge of the market order you’ll lose your investment

  23. Invest wisely and do your own research, if you have questions ask, there are plenty of honest people in this community that will try not and steer you in the wrong direction. I can recommend a Pro-Trader named Benjamin Jackson. you can send him a mail at BENJAMINJACKSONTV@GMAIL .COM. If you have other questions you can ask him he will put you through. Goodluck

  24. I found an increase somewhere in a period of 90 dae (summer) in 3 different data points (jaar).” Not a strong trend if you ask me but I’d love to see it.

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