Be Cautious: Bitcoin Just Hit Major Resistance! Watch This Video To See! [+ Crypto Nuus]

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Bitcoin Hitting Major These Resistance Levels| Fundamental/Macro Analysis | Hashrate Reaches 6-Month High | Facebook Reverses Ban On Crypto Ads | CNN Releases Positive Bitcoin Article |

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Bitcoin Price Model/ Realized Cap Chart

Tweet: The last time bitcoin broke $6,000

Bitcoin (BTC) hashrate reaches 6-month high

Bitcoin (BTC) hashrate reaches 6-month high

Facebook makes major reversal on crypto ad ban, encouraging blockchain promotion

Bitcoin has soared 60% hierdie jaar. Meet the new buy-and-hold investment

Reddit: Bitcoin On CNN

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Be Cautious: Bitcoin Just Hit Major Resistance! Watch This Video To See! [+ Crypto Nuus]

49 kommentaar

  1. Thanks for your great video❤
    Could you help me to know the best Alt coins for long term investments??

  2. Alot of major players getting in May, Junie 2019 like Fidelity and Bakkt I dont think price will go back down anytime soon, but u never know this is crypto.

  3. Greed at 69, NYAG final ruling on tether later today. Price flew up very quick, probably tether pumping up the price to dump for real USD exchanges. Binance locking up180 000 Bitcoin that can only sell to tether for a week due to the hack. Resistance as you said. I’m out.

  4. Hey guys price action for me is of more interest as Im cost averaging in gradually so any info on where to take nibbles is helpful. Keep up the good work. Dankie

  5. My 2 Satoshis: TA first contingent on how vital the news is and vice versa. Add timecodes for the start of news for hodlrs.

  6. With stocks going down, investors are going to pile in for the next run up. It has the potential to be extraordinary.

  7. +Altcoin Daily The coins that you prefer for long term investing and less than 1 dollar price??

  8. I always appreciate your unbiased way of presenting things. Dankie.

  9. I like the $$$ first when the value is on the rise. Then the news as to what’s pushing the trend.

    Vice versa when the bear’s are in down, news first so we know what’s possibly dragging the value down.

    Just two cents. Great article BTW 👍

  10. I cant.explain how it feels now.Bought$ .Still.patience is a virtue.

  11. Seeing btc go up, while major stocks go down is something to keep an eye on. Good job calming people’s fomo at the start and being honest.

  12. Great video- like always. Love your work. One never knows, what happens next with cryptos. I share your opinion, that we will could see some pullback soon. May be its about this re-org thing from Binance which shatter the trust in BTC and the protocol.

  13. +Nikolaos Mrg people that bought high don’t understand they can short and make up for losses

  14. We are going to blast through this with a short squeeze from everyone that thinks like you 🐈

  15. 5k to 6k is re-accumulation zone for the big players while the average Joe is waiting for 3k and 4k 🙂

  16. Smart people have been accumulating cheap Bitcoin for more than a year and now is time for BTC to recover and explode! When this happens then you will realize that your plane left….

  17. Mike G
    If they BB don’t pull down the price how they are going to get more btc from the weak hands

  18. +Q u or get even more rekt. if you believe in bitcoin long term, you can just hodl.

  19. +entropyhappens true, I think it’s worth the risk but everyone has different strategy

  20. Definitely NOT PundiX. That’s been heading towards the vanishing point for months with no sign of stopping. I could be wrong but I’m not feeling NPXS.

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