Bakkt Will Bring Bitcoin to $100,000. And It’s Launching TODAY!

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Bakkt begins testing on Monday….If you don’t know:
Bakkt, in essence is what is going to bring Bitcoin and cryptocurrency into the mainstreameven more.

volg ons op Twitter:

Bakkt Bitcoin Futures Has Reached “Critical Mass”, Expected to Launch in Q3:

Bakkt brings on Google payments expert as it builds its consumer app for spending cryptocurrency

Bakkt begins testing on Monday.

Bitcoin is likely to hit $100,000 deur 12/31/2021

Litecoin Named Official Cryptocurrency of the Miami Dolphins

Litecoin Partnering the Miami Dolphins Isn’t That big of a Deal

Litecoin Partnering the Miami Dolphins Isn’t That big of a Deal

Fidelity’s crypto arm has officially applied to operate in New York as a trust

Tron’s Justin Sun Invites eToro Founder to Lunch With Buffett

Tron’s Justin Sun Invites eToro Founder to Lunch With Buffett

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Bakkt Will Bring Bitcoin to $100,000. And It’s Launching TODAY!

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  1. Using crypto for payments needs to be pushed in hyperinflated fiat countries. It makes no sense right now to use crypto to pay for things in the US. There’s zero financial incentive and it’s more hassle than fiat to use

  2. @Abdelmelik Farooq Alwahid 1million dollars at least by 2030. Bitcoin will pass $200k by 2022.

  3. Very interesting point. Exchanges were turning down on people indeed. But we lost some exchanges since then. And many users left. Did the infrastructure of the remaining exchanges improve during the “winter”? Will BTC be able to cope with the next bull run or will we see the same problems again? Transactions taking hours to complete, high fees everywhere, ens? I think we’ll hit the wall one more time, and this will open the way for a real challenger. Perhaps a gossip protocol, high speed, low energy footprint coin. 2021 will be an interesting year.

  4. 2019 is a stronger market with better adoption, don’t forget Bakkt, Fidelity and big players steping into the game + enigste 10 months for the bitcoin halving.

  5. The author of that negative article about like litecoin doesn’t understand litecoin just by his text. We all know litecoin is bitcoin just a little bit faster and more abundant but not nearly as strong. Baby steps build a stronger foundation for what the future will most definitely hold for both of litecoin and bitcoin

  6. Some people say Litecoin partnership won be a big deal,BUT it definitely will not hurt, so I think it will help

  7. Referring to Miami Dolphins acceptance of LTC is a small step may lead to future acceptance. As a whole its small not going to rock Ltc price or anything.

  8. Well then your learning someone’s else’s perspective aren’t you. So yeah you are here to learn.

  9. Rachid Kh I Hope so, I need bitcoin to get back down to sub $3000 so I can grab a couple more.

  10. @Paul Nice All 3 of the major developments Rolando mentioned are undeniably enormously positive for BTC.

  11. The Miami deal is just a stepping stone. Nothing saying they won’t eventually step into more use cases for litecoin. Also good exposure. Just my onion

  12. Been following you for 2 weeks now and just have to say you are the best bitcoin/altcoin news channel on youtube hands down. Please keep grinding brother as patience is key. I would bet all my bitcoin/altcoin that your channel will have one million subscribers by 2021. Patience is key. Keep grinding brother, I learn from you everyday! And as always hold your bitcoins! Much love from Canada

  13. @Bill Bogo Hahaha sorry just at work so I was slightly disgruntled.

    If this crypto thing goes well it will be my last job 😅

  14. Bill Bogoit’s not just the raffle but the opportunities it presents

    ‘Launching for the 2019 NFL season, the collaboration with the Miami Dolphins gives Litecoin the ability to tap into one of the NFL’s largest and most passionate fan bases through in-game branding and advertising opportunities at Hard Rock Stadium, as well as inclusion across the team’s various online properties and digital content’.

  15. @R James isn’t Litecoin relatively cheap right now anyways. Why not invest and hold until the right opportunity arises and maybe reinvest an amount when it drops

  16. Give this a guy a round of applause for knowing something beforehand..jesus’s your cookie

  17. @rvnmedic1968 think about it this way- you get your paycheck every week at the end of the week, after you get paid you take it home and lay it on your table. Every day that it sits on the table it is worth half of what it was the day before.

    You would quickly learn to spend that paycheck FAST into something else, anything else, that will be valuable to you because if you don’t it will literally become worthless to u anyways. Why wouldn’t you buy btc with it?

  18. @Joel Hollingsworth But with their currency virtually worthless, I would think they don’t have any discretionary money to buy BTC or any other crypto when they are struggling to buy a loaf of bread. The average Venezuelan is starving. A Venezuelan that is well off can afford to sink their money into BTC. And probably very few are well off.

  19. i do appreciate the handwork of a professional hacker i used from Instagram @westhack000 he helped me to get 3000$ worth of bitcoin with just 950$ i paid to him you guys should try him out his the best

  20. This And That Facts lets wait for the ltc halving and see if they will still have the grit to stay the course

  21. @Master Sweeps I’m still kicking myself for not getting Bitcoin in January 2017 vir $900. I planned to hold on to it for years, but it took less than one year for it to almost 10x and I missed out. I guess that was too good to be true. Not to mention the several times before that it’s done that. Bitcoin is only about 10 jaar oud. No reason it can’t 10x again within a couple years. Of course there’ll be another 80% correction as well soon after that.

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