Is jy op soek vir die nuutste warmste Altcoin? Baer Chain [BRC]! Miljoen Ekologie Projek MEP!

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hey Team! Have you heard about Baer Chain? I like Baer Chain. And let me tell you why!

Check them out at: &

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Baer Chain: Entering the 3.0 Era for Blockchain Gaming

Baer Chain Twitter

Bear Chain YouTube

Forbes: Games And Blockchain Innovation Q&A: Vincent Chen, CEO Baer Chain

This video was sponsored by Baer Chain. I was compensated $3000 in Eth.

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***NOT FINANCIAL, LEGAL, OR TAX ADVICE! JUST MENING! EK IS nie 'n kenner! I DO NOT GUARANTEE A PARTICULAR OUTCOME I HAVE NO INSIDE KNOWLEDGE! JY nodig het om jou eie navorsing te doen en maak jou eie besluite! THIS IS JUST EDUCATION & ENTERTAINMENT! GEBRUIK ALTCOIN daagliks as 'n vertrekpunt off punt!

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Is jy op soek vir die nuutste warmste Altcoin? Baer Chain [BRC]! Miljoen Ekologie Projek MEP!

43 kommentaar

  1. You know anything about Hex coin that Richard Heart is doing? I don’t know much about him so I’m not promoting him or his product. Just curious.

  2. Looking at the price this video is about 2 months late 🙂 Plus over 500,000,000 total supply and over $4/coin. We are due for a big correction. Of course MOON is always possible 🙂

  3. Erin we have enough gaming coin enjin, iQueon,, funfairor still you could use The King Bitcoin!!!.

  4. People will never learn. Sure buy hot cheap coins. And this dude promote it without interests

  5. How can I by bear chain? I only use coinbase. Please advise thank you this is a great coin. Gamers are here to stay and I consider myself a gamer I need this coin. Thank you altcoindaily for such fantastic information!

  6. Glad you got value! I should you which exchanges this coin is available on in the video. Feel free to check it out on coinmarketcap for the most current information.

  7. They’ve paid u money to introduce their ‘gamingshitcoin when there’s ENJ ? Well, they’re brave XD

  8. Maximum Shill Drive Engaged!

    I’m just busting your balls. Love your channel, but not this video so much. I can’t get behind sponsored videos, however I really appreciate your openness and transparency, which is why I keep coming back. Keep up the good work

  9. U want a hidden GEM—-check out HLC which has been on a Jupiter moon shot lately. I think it is just hitting its stride!

  10. As a BTC semi-maximalist, I will pass on this project. maar, I just wanted to say congrats on the 3K in ETH. I love sponsored videos. Get paid, you two. You deserve it. en, thanks Baer Chain.

  11. These guys are paying quite a few YouTubers to shill their coin. Looks like a well-organized pump and dump. And also thanks for putting ads in the middle of your ad.

  12. Seems immitate EOS on 21 BP and backup BP. EOS already has gaming ecosystem. Hm! I’ve screw by all these shitcoins the last 5 yrsPump Pump then dump and gone.

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