All Eyes Turning To Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency On A Global Level.

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What to Expect When Congress Grills Facebook on Cryptocurrency

What to Expect When Congress Grills Facebook on Cryptocurrency

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All Eyes Turning To Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency On A Global Level.

67 kommentaar

  1. its fear mongering to put off the crowd so that the rich can hoover up all of the available BTC, plus the old system of central banks are watching helplessly as their power is being siphoned off, of coarse they are going to whinge

  2. I watch Altcoin Daily for the news, ignore Chico crypto’s opinion and laugh at the Moon every time he gets rekt.

  3. congratulations to all who bought bitcoin before the government started this discussion.

    When moon? Wellif you ask meI would say now. Now moon.

  4. Enjoyed your relaxed chat at the end with music and yoga is freaking awesome. Love it. Cheers, brother!

  5. Every single person I know that buys drugs uses usd. Every person I know into bitcoin doesn’t use crypto for illegal activities

  6. Yes andEVERYBODY WANTS TO RULE THE WORLD…..!!! Thank goodness for Satoshi Nakamoto’s invention of BITCOIN!!!! Now everybody can rule their own money . See you

  7. Plot twist, the government is already deep in BTC and wants everyone else out of their way before 100k.

  8. Criminals ?
    Are the US government talking about themselves ?
    A good mafia doesn’t like competition.

  9. My dad is a commie, when he trys to lecture me on morals. I’ll stick with Torah/old testament thanks

  10. If anything imo the US invented bitcoin, manipulates the market and is now raking in all the money from unfortunate investors to make a small dent in their massive wall of debt.

  11. Cryptocurrencies are simply a better form of wealth than leaving your wealth in any dollar…dollar…AUD whatever…. 🙂

  12. Smooth Operator I’m liking this channel .. also Ivan on techwho is moon? Please advise

  13. Dreaming Life I was thinking they are trying to slow adoption so that it can be more evenly dispersed. Their bags are already full.

  14. He never said bitcoin, but the other cryptocurrencies which has been usedJust like when we got to 20,000 it was due to the pyramid schemes like bitconnect and many south American people getting into the market through ponzi schemes that was being offered at the time. So please if you don’t think it’s been used for illegal activities then open your mind that people with I’ll intent exists regardless if you do it or not. Facebook is very much a CIA branch of control trump is attempting to remove from the root. CIA = FB will cease to exist soon and he don’t want their crypto emerging

  15. Ive never bought drugs with BTC….. but bought alot with us dollar!! Lol cant stop wont stop ehh ehhh!

  16. Everyone who owns cryptocurrencies and use it the right way do they income tax don’t have to be scared they want it to be used with honesty

  17. @Steven Sonoma when in doubt, look left. I think that this short fall is a blessing in disguise. It gives a chance for those of us who didn’t buy in that low another opportunity. As the discussion grows, bitcoin will too. I’m just speculating of course, but hey, whats the likelihood we will NEVER go past 11 of 13 k ever again??

  18. This is worse press than the time online ads for crypto were banned which kicked off a 1 year bear market. I’m not saying that will happen again, but I would not be surprised.

  19. Who is the biggest drug dealer in history? Ask Donald Trump. He should be able to answer that question.

  20. Not the terrorists over seas. They get their funding from the cia with their btc wallets

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