A 2019 Bitcoin Bull Market 📈 Is Likely Starting | Basic Attention Token Major Update | Volkswagen

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Fonds Trat se Tom Lee: Current Bitcoin Misery Index Never Been Reported in Bear Market

Brave Browser is Set to Rollout a Major Update

Volkswagen to Track Minerals Supply Chains Using IBM Blockchain

Volkswagen to Track Minerals Supply Chains Using IBM Blockchain

Four Olympic Gold Medals Winner Tennis Player Serena Williams Invests in Coinbase

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A 2019 Bitcoin Bull Market 📈 Is Likely Starting | Basic Attention Token Major Update | Volkswagen

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  1. I always like. Even if the news is not much (some days), just because of the effort you put in you deserve a like on all vids 👍

  2. Due to bitcoin being an emerging market with unprecedently low market cap it is impossible to even make an educated guess on where the year will end. Too many variables and uncertainties. TA is useless

  3. And when Tom Lee is wrong yet again, are you going to give up listening to a guy who nearly never gets a prediction right?

  4. Has Tom Lee ever made a 100% accurate prediction? How accurate (as a percentage) has his previous predictions been? I choose to take his statements with an equal percentage of salt.

  5. Judd Allen hello! I want to recommend you to my hacker he has help a lot of people to hack, mining and generating bitcoin to blockcain, coinbase etc he’s trustworthy contact him on whatsapp +18456059024 or hackeryunochang405 @gmail

  6. If you invest because Tom Lee said this and that..you might need to stop investing in crypto

  7. Dude you better get your mind right. We will pull back some. A lot of people got burned in early 2018…. I’m all up for a new bull market. But we got a way to go.

  8. using blockchain as supply chain is basically trusting human input lol still 3rd party like vechaincoughs middle man. just bribe the human to input fake values to the chain. its a broken model. these car companys using adding “blockchain” into their everyday life is just trying to fit in and sound cool.

  9. Humans inputting fake values into the chain is possible, but can easily be discovered and updated if needed. It will still add needed transparency

  10. I sold my XRP and bought BAT five months back , am 4X now and using 1 X I bought my ripple back !!!

  11. Continuing to dollar cost average in. Bitcoin and Łitecoin 2019/20 Block reward halvings in the horizon……….🌬🏖

  12. Brave browser is not perfect but I sure like the option to tip creators (read: Altcoin Daily). While opting out of ads is great, I will try watching ads to gain more BAT. Been waiting for that to roll out. Glad it is almost here. Thanks for the update!

  13. Altcoin Daily impossible to speculate on. I hope it’s above 10k at least or more. But that’s just blind hope. I’m a miner, so I’m invested. But the one thing I don’t want to see it bitcoin doing a moon shot. We must go up gradually or we’ll just dump again.

  14. I am dollar cost averaging too and considering a long term long position on BTC and LTC on Primexbt with leveraging.

  15. Bitcoin is not anonymous, use cryptoblenders for you safety. helixbygrams. com and bitcoinblender. pro

  16. Eddie Schneider Are we talking about the same Tom Lee who said at the end of 2017 that if you can’t handle a 90% loss you shouldn’t be in crypto? Genuine question, I might be thinking of someone else, but that guy seemed like a down to earth person who didn’t give into the hype.

  17. R James hoping to cash out in Nov 2021rinse and repeat the 2017 cyclebuy back in on the new lows after the next ATH

  18. Shambu Nampoothiri @ Good for you pal I did the opposite sold all my Bitcoin at 4 k and now it will cost me 15 k extra just to get my Bitcoin position back I want to throw up 🤢

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