3 More Indicators! I Am STILL 95% Sure Bitcoin Has BottomedAnalyst Willy Woo Latest & Crypto Nuus

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3 Indicators That Will Signal The Bull Run | Bitcoin Cash Small Network | Free Bitcoin From Gemini | Ripple XRP News

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A single Bitcoin Cash address is responsible for nearly 50% of the network’s transactions in the past month


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Fidelity goes all in crypto, Bitfinex to launch an IEO, how to Win 1 BTC


Canada Awards 300-Megawatt Block of Electricity to Attract Bitcoin Miners – Plus Ethereum, Ripple and XRP, Litecoin, Stellar, Tron, Cardano Crypto Flash

Ripple Brings XRP-Powered xRapid to 200 Banks and Financial Institutions

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3 More Indicators! I Am STILL 95% Sure Bitcoin Has BottomedAnalyst Willy Woo Latest & Crypto Nuus

46 kommentaar

  1. most of us regulars will be buying bitcoin at 4200 or below, which naturally will put upward pressure on price at that point and make 3150 even more unlikely

  2. Anyone thinking of buying, I would hold off. This is potentially biggest resistance zone that btc has ever come up against. It’s likely we go down for a pull back to confirm 4300 level which is now a strong support zone.

  3. 😂😂😂 use bitcoin for cross border payments 😂😂😂. Are you joking???

  4. And let them know that the train left the station. I am not a bank and I don’t make loans.

  5. 🙂 Its a wind up for sure 🙂 He likes to get us talking and does so quite successfully. 🙂

  6. What’s the actual address of the BCH address in question? With “same amount of Satoshi transactions” in mind, their faucet seems like the most likely scenario. Everyone who newly downloaded their wallet and uses the faucet, will receive a small amount of BCH, which would account for transactions like these. Especially since 4 million people have downloaded their wallet as of recently.

    Has that been ruled out?

  7. Just when you believe what all thee others preach about the Bitcoin bottom, it gets spanked with another, hard low!

  8. With all the mass adoption kicking in, it wouldn’t make sence for BTC to ever go below $4000 again.

  9. to the moon! 70% still think we are in a bear market and they hope a dump (4k , 3k 2k) to enter the train with all the bags, but this price is the new bottom. go against the majority

    Januarie – Oktober 2018 : The majority thought that 6k was the bottom

    November 2018 – Maart 2019: The majority thought that 2k/1.8k was the bottom.

  10. I have not seen any more info. It is possible it is not roger ver and just someone using the network.

  11. Altcoin Daily faster, cheaper, and is not centralized. You really got to be joking. You pulling my leg right? 😂

  12. Listen up XRP fanboys. Your pre-mined, centralized, bankster shitcoin is dying. I’ll be very surprised if it ever goes past $3 again. You have been warned.

  13. I don’t think we will see 3.1k again but i think 5k or under is more likely than 7k short to mid term. Wouldn’t want to go all in now even if i had the cash to do so, and yet I wouldn’t want to short either.

    My risk averse nature has served me well. Just buy and hold and hope for big gains in the coming years. I don’t want to miss the rocket when it takes off by risking trades in what COULD be the tail end of a long bear market.

    My hunch says there’s NO WAY we will blow past 6.1k resistance and hold past it first time for long. It could happen but don’t bet on itat least I don’t plan on it.

    Weereens dankie.

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