🛑 Bitcoin is Going to do Something HUGE by the Year End that will SHOCK the World! [World Recession]

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Jim Cramer urges investor caution as markets rebound

Jim Cramer urges investor caution as markets rebound

White House dismisses payroll tax cuts as slowdown prevention

BTIG's Emanuel: Right time for Fed to cut half-point in September

BTIG's Emanuel: Right time for Fed to cut half-point in September


Facebook’s Libra testnet available now on ZenGo

Facebook’s Libra testnet available now on ZenGo

Ripple And SantanderXRP Is Going Nowhere, But Fanboys Still Won’t Listen

Santander Group to offer Ripple powered service to Latin America

Santander Group to offer Ripple powered service to Latin America


BitMEX Blocks Services in Three Countries amid CFTC Probe

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🛑 Bitcoin is Going to do Something HUGE by the Year End that will SHOCK the World! [World Recession]

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  1. the more they talk recession, the less likely it will happen, was recession discussed in 2006 /7, no recession will happen when people have forgotten about it

  2. I really like the work you do but when you quote Jim Kramer, you made me question your judgement. I’m not a finance guru, but even I know what ever Kramer says, DO the opposite. Is this a joke, are you being sarcastic?

  3. Jim ‘Buy Bear StearnsKramer. If he says things ‘aren’t that badit says to me, ‘the house is burning down.

  4. Buy high, sell low, get rekt crew checking in.
    Just as I mentioned FOMO buying in yesterday the price took a dip. classic.

  5. I’m more of an alt guy, but still have a nice handsome bag of BTC.
    I think PLG’s listing on OKEx is gonna explode!

  6. Bear Sterns lookedfine” ook, he said NOT to sell and you know how that turned out

  7. No Wall street clown is a man of the people they are all men of their pockets! Believe me things are far worse than they look, they only look good because corrupt wall street along with the FED and Govt PPT Print and rig all markets

  8. I am Bitcoin fan but you mentioned end of year ‘15-‘16-‘17 why you didn’t mention end of 2018.???

  9. Did you know that guy was in a ‘controversywith John Stewart 10 or so years ago?
    Don’t trust him…. he is not trustworthy.

  10. I wouldn’t listen to Jim. He isn’t the man of the people Aaron and Austin. Don’t use him and mislead your audience. There are many instances where he gives advice to benefit the corporations and not the average person. Please do further research before misinforming your viewers. I am a fan but now that your viewership has grown, it’s important to be more careful. Please edit this out.

  11. @YoungsterB this is not financial advice, i am merely typing from my living room, just some random guy making comments for entertainment purposes only

  12. Men it is hard to predict something that is trading only 10 years..you can compare 2014 met 2018 and say that Bitcoin “usually” implodes every four years,what is “usually” when it happens only 2 times in history..i am for Bitcoin but i am Gold stacking..and for hundreds of years trading gold charts you can only than see what is usual or unusual.

  13. Hold onJim Cramer is a man of the people? Dudeyou must not have been around in 2008. Anyone paid to speak on cnbs is paid to lie to you.

  14. If Jim kramer is who you are listening to……you are not very bright. He got it so wrong, time and time again. Even in 2007-2008.

  15. I reckon he just said the most poignant think I’ve ever heard him say‘when i listen to the talking heads in finance, I feel a lot worse about stuff’. or in other words, the MSM gives you cancer.

  16. Haha! Where the Nangs at?!
    Like others have suggested, BTC markets and Coinspot are safe bets mate, but fees can be high and privacy is heavily regulated by govt. So if anonymity is a prioritydo some research. I’d also suggest getting a cold storage wallet before buying 1 whole BTCwallets on exchanges or web based and even apps on PCs and phones could be comprised. Best to use offline storage like Ledger nano x or something. Good luck down the rabbit hole mate! 👍

  17. Kramer is an idiot. Do the opposite to what he suggests. Maybe you guys are too young to remember Kramer’s recommendations in 2008. 😉

  18. @Altcoin Daily TBH I just though he was/is the Wall St. elites shill that peddles booby-trapped investments on TV to the ‘ripe-for-the-pickingplebs?

  19. Steven Simonovic are u for real? come up from the basement, stop watching cnn, cnbc and go outside already.

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