🔵 Donald Trump BREAKING NEWS 🔴 If YOU Are An American, You May Wanna Hear This. 👍

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Donald J Trump To Give Every American a $1000 Tjek.

The Money Machine Keeps Printing.

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White House expresses support for making immediate cash payments to Americans as part of coronavirus stimulus package

I haven't been able to get this scene out of my head the past couple weeks

The IMF is able to lend about $1 trillion to its member countries. Here is how.

US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin Appoints Coinbase Chief Legal Officer to Oversee Banking System

US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin Appoints Coinbase Chief Legal Officer to Oversee Banking System


Bitcoin Basher Wells Fargo Shuts Down Branches

Bakkt Touts New Payment Integration With Starbucks

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🔵 Donald Trump BREAKING NEWS 🔴 If YOU Are An American, You May Wanna Hear This. 👍


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36 kommentaar

  1. The problem withThe Big Shortis it places blame on banks and no blame on government or central banks.

  2. Timestamps👍:
    0:27 – Steve Mnuchin Announces The Stimulus Plan
    1:03 – Remember What Happened Last Time
    2:19 – IMF Able To Give Every Member Country 1 TRILLION
    2:35 – soos & Retweet This
    3:11 – US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin Appoints Coinbase Chief Legal Officer to Oversee Banking System
    6:55 – Bakkt Touts New Payment Integration With Starbucks
    9:30 – Ending Clip

  3. Crazy. Honestly I’d rather see the gov give the money to citizens rather than wall st (even if I don’t get any) but I still don’t like the idea for long term fiscal policy.

  4. @FreeofEvil I was a poor college student when Bush gave us money back, but it definitely helped at the time. I guess it all depends on your circumstances.

  5. GOOD Then maybe this former coinbase employee will sanction coinbase for all their shannanigansi’ve had nothing but corrupt BS from them.

  6. They already took more taxes from you than what they’re going to give back to you. Literally less than .1% back to you.

  7. I was hoping Steven Mnuchin was going to sayAnybody who owes BTC gets an extra thousand.

  8. *hardworking* Americans 0:50.. Only smart people are rich not hardworking. Brainwashing in live streaming

  9. No not really. They print the money out of thin air and give it to us, and then we are expected to pay it back through taxes.

  10. Exactly! Why would banks, whose job is to assess risk when they loan out money, suddenly start loaning out money to people with terrible credit and sketchy job history, who are less likely to pay them back, to buy houses? It was a government program. If not for the government subsidizing and removing their risk, they never would have done it to begin with.

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