🔴Will Investing in Bitcoin Lead To Life Changing Wealth? | 100x | Best Investment Of The Decade!

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Is Bitcoin a good investment? Is it too late? How much can i make? Why is Bitcoin a good investment?

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A Venture Capital Billionaire Is Betting On Bitcoin Despite Huge Sell-Off

Is Bitcoin a Good Investment?

Planting Bitcoin- Sound Money by Dan Held

Understand the scarcity of bitcoins. They are really really scarce. Owning just 1 #bitcoin will be rare. Even now it's out of reach to some. TWEET


Tim Draper Stands by His Bitcoin Price Prediction of $250K in 2022

Bitcoin pls go to moon – 1thousandx

Bitcoin pls go to moon

BLOCKCHAINIAN RHAPSODY“Bohemian Rhapsody-Queen” Crypto Parody

BLOCKCHAINIAN RHAPSODY“Bohemian Rhapsody-Queen” Crypto Parody

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🔴Will Investing in Bitcoin Lead To Life Changing Wealth? | 100x | Best Investment Of The Decade!

56 kommentaar

  1. I don’t think the bear market will come until around 2021 of 2022. I think the world has to almost forget about Bitcoin before the masses come in and see the world crypto has built. And it’s being built right now. Very exiting.

  2. But the bottom will be in before that. Maybe this year or next. Maybe its already in? Then we will begin a slow uptrend and after this the bulls will be released like back in 2017.

  3. Ja, but the problem isWhen the Fiat system fails and hyperinflation kicks in 1Million US dollars will barely buy you a gallon of milk. Maybe that’s taking it a little far but look at how much hyperinflation Venezuela has experienced recently.

  4. +Lamski LOL at people comparing US to Venezuela. The best thing will be you buy the milk with 300 Satoshi

  5. I dont know. I was bullish 1 year ago in april 17 when I bought my first bitcoin but recently i am not sure that bitcoin will hit even the 20k in the next 10 years because BTC is just a electronic cash system like fiat is. It has no intrinsic worth like fiat, like warren buffet said and why should ppl invest in BTC instead of gold in big financial crysis? I am concerned that BTC wont get involved in the mainstream because of its volatility and the bad habit of us humans just to hodl and sell the coins at its highest tops. And just like you said earlier in a video that a view people own the majority of BTC and summary bought 150K coins. Imagine if BTC raises to 80k, 120k, 330k….they would make so much money and dump the whole BTC price. I dont know if im wrong with that but to invest more in BTC makes me anxious.

  6. Theres always the chance of a double top bull market, theres no promise that this thing will surpase alltime highs.

  7. Yeah, I don’t think the bull market will be here for another couple years. Could even be like four more years. Sewing discord in the chat here. lol. All I know is that anyone who sells their Bitcoin for under a hundred grand is completely insane.+Altcoin Daily

  8. When you said 20T I got kinda dizzy 😂
    I try to talk crypto to friends family and work peeps and there reaction is either they really don’t care or they think I’m crazy and my response is your going to miss out
    I thought I was late on the crypto scene but now know otherwise and class myself as a early adopter

  9. You spelled cardano wrong. Jk, great vid as usual, and you sound a lot better, glad you are on the mend.

  10. +Crypto Messia I see the day that people will be bearish at 19K 🙂 It’s coming can’t tell you when, but its coming.

  11. Don’t shout mate, idk who got u angry, but the second best thing about your videos is that you both speak calmly 🙂

  12. I could easily see a market cap of 8 om 10 trillion USD within 10 jaar. And that might be really on the low side

  13. next bubble you won’t be cashing out into a cashless societyyou’ll just have a lot of spending power….

  14. I have a question to the dollar cost averages out there
    At what size market cap is a good time to stop DCA ?

  15. growth and stability next….won’t be a moon shot and lambos……10 year slow growth…..

  16. +Deleter350 hopefully by then if it gets there we will be using for purchases of more than just alt coins. I know my luck though. Since I invested it will never go anywhere again. Lol.

  17. Already transitioning into crypto economy. Won’t be long when the clerk asks: you paying with cash, check, credit card, or crypto?!!!

  18. +Altcoin Daily me either. Just thinking about my luck on things. I’ve always been able to give good advice to other people that works out but have ended up on the short end of the stick when it comes to my money.

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