🔴 Why Bitcoin Is The Best Investment Of The Decade! 100x [Sound Hard Money]

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Alright Team! Turn me up to 1.25x speed and let's go over why Bitcoin is the best investment of the decade.

in kort…it will revolutionize money.

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Planting Bitcoin — Species (1/4)

Passage of Time/ Lindy Effect

Bitcoin Price Prediction Tracker

Bitcoin Price History Chart

Bitcoin: N peer-to-peer Elektroniese Kontant Stelsel

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🔴 Why Bitcoin Is The Best Investment Of The Decade! 100x [Sound Hard Money]

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  1. Friday, Jan. 25 — the top 20 cryptocurrencies are reporting discreet price action in mixed directions on the day to press time. Bitcoin (BTC) is hovering under $3,600 again, according to Coin360 data.
    Op pers tyd, Bitcoin is seeing virtually no change on the day, trading at around $3,590, volgens CoinMarketCap. Looking at its weekly chart, the current price is about $100 lower than $3,668, the price at which Bitcoin started the week. Bitcoin’s intraweek high hit just over $3,700 on Jan. 19.

    Don’t give up on bitcoin I invest with smith and I got 7.5BtC into my wallet within 1hour he really changed my life this is real and legit he’s so reliable you can contact him on aicsmith53@gmail. Com or +1 260-468-7657

  2. No way BitCoin is going to out-preform silver this year. BitCoin going down with global debt recession. Silver going to moon, deur 2024 BitCoin will be back to all time highs.

  3. Why is Bitcoin onlyModeratein the durable category ? Surely it will never wear out .Gold can be worn away if used as money it’s very soft.

  4. I literally thank the universe every day that I found cryptocurrency when I did. I don’t look back and sayif I only found out in 2011, or 2014I’m finding out now, in January of 2019, and am thankful and grateful.

  5. Yeah the sound money aspect of Bitcoin is a big part of what attracted me in the first place. It’s resistance to seizure and censorship is a close second. I downloaded thewallet of Satoshiapp. 2-Way lightning functionality is amazing! Wish we had that back in 2017. Those 30 dollar fees would never have happened.

  6. +H P
    He doesn’t know squat. On chain scaling is impossible without a centralized tyranny to manage it.

  7. +Altcoin Daily
    Nope, but now that we’ve got the wallet and money to spend, the merchants will come. Right now I mostly use it for tipping.

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