🔴 LIVE: What’s Bitcoin’s Next Move?? | plus, We Are Attending The Warren Buffet Lunch, HELP!

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Austin is LIVE! Grab a beer. Ask a question! Let’s hangout and talk bitcoin and cryptocurrency! ook, We will be flying up to San Francisco to attend the Justin Sun/Warren Buffett Lunch After Party. What should we ask Justin??

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Hierdie inligting is wat in die openbaar op die internet. Hierdie inligting kon gewees het gedokter of erken deur die internet. Alle inligting is bedoel vir openbare bewustheid en is openbare domein. Hierdie inligting is nie bedoel om laster skade of laster enige van die, maar betrokke te wys wat gesê deur hul sosiale media rekeninge akteurs. Neem asseblief hierdie inligting en doen jou eie navorsing.

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🔴 LIVE: What's Bitcoin's Next Move?? | plus, We Are Attending The Warren Buffet Lunch, HELP!

23 kommentaar

  1. België 6.30 in the morning , a litle crypto and then of to training !!
    Extreme enduro ( motocross) and crypto , love my life !!!
    Super cool you guys are invited

  2. Is dr Craig Wright comming and cz it would be the full representation of one side of crypto


    I just had a 1 hour conversation with a woman that works for/with SEC/ Federal Reserve/ US Government

    She is working on “Cryptocurrencies”..

    And I got 1 full hour to catch her up, since she admitted the learning curve is a little much,
    & she doesn’t know much

    I expressed the greater purpose of Cryptocurrencies & the Blockchain,
    In building out Systems
    (The Resource Based Eco-System for the planet-
    Gameifying the Paradigm Shift for the completion of Paradise On Earth)
    To unite humanity,
    & focus humanity on all the inputs to bring right Stewardship to the planet,
    Care for all species,
    & bring all humans into our highest expressed life.

    I shared the history of Bitcoin & the space,

    The great features/ value it all brings to all industries,
    To all communities,
    To all solutionary projects- from local to global.

    How this technology, & new internet.. along with creating utilities/ commodities of all that we Value in this Earth experience, as well as the ability to short everything we don’t wish to see any longer (with extreme leverage)

    How every human being,
    And every organization/ entity will need to be more authentic, integral, eerlik, and of good character, because of the transparent nature of the open ledger technology

    How we are very passionate about the decentralized nature of Bitcoin, & that many of the early entrepreneurs in the space built centralized operations on the networkand the many problems that ensued, and how that is not Bitcoin.

    And that Andreas Antonopoulos is a great voice of Bitcoin, a great starting point, with his YouTube videos, and books..

    en #1, to allow innovation, while ensuring that all of this stays on the higher trajectory path to complete Paradise On Earth.

    And the US Government should embrace / wrap their arms around all the crypto organizations in the space (the good ones). And how powerful the USA can be going forward, by investing fully in the buildout of the Blockchain, and all Dapps/ all Projects..

    And how this is the 1st time that all nations are collaborating; all big banks, big Corporations, big industries, big universities, & natuurlik, we the people!


  4. Bitcoin’s next move is adoption of Elon Musk’s Neuralink tocold walletBTC directly into your brain.

  5. So now instead of bitcoin helping out the less privileged andunbankedand the poorer people, instead its making the rich richeri dont think satoshi would agree with whats going on, might actually just flip the switch if it gets too much

  6. BTC doesn’t care about your TA it will do whatever it will do”. Keep saying that to yourself at the top, but trust me you’ll be very sorry in the end for not taking any profits at these prices.

  7. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about Warren Buffet, it’s he isn’t going to tell you ANYTHING until he’s in.
    And as for Bill Gates, he thought we’d never need more than 56k Ram. His father was big in the government and I believe he was handed Windows (Microsoft) with the promise that he would build these with a backdoor. And no, I do not wear a tinfoil hat…lol

  8. Let’s hope ‘cup and handle’ formation is about to ‘kick in’ and set up further uptrend.🏌️‍♂️🌤

    Reminder Łitecoin fees recently reduced by 90 persent, and Charlie Lee and Justin Sun charity lunch with Warren Buffet coming up! See what info you can get from the after party Charity lunch 🥙

  9. In this Video you said that XRP has 200 small banks
    Actually they have 44% van die 50 largest banks in the world..
    You are pretty funny how you always down plays XRP.

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