🔥Blockchain Crypto News 🔥Hollywood, Reitium, Bitcoin News and SAFEX Winner! 🚀

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👍The New Kids On The Blockchain are back again this week from #HOLLYWOOD with our weekly round-up of cryptocurrency news, blockchain news and cool technology!

Hierdie week!

✔️Blockchain News
✔️Melrose PR on how Blockchain is disrupting Hollywood
✔️Reitium making real estate investing more accessible
✔️Amazing SAFEX Giveaway!




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🔥Blockchain Crypto News 🔥Hollywood, Reitium, Bitcoin News and SAFEX Winner! 🚀

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  2. great guys coz my WPR went up to 10% today brother or sister any idea about urunit, opiria pdata and if yes then what your opinion on this projects?? good day !!

  3. No giveaway this week? Just another reason to watch you guys next week to see what you got! 🙂 Those Cold Storage Coins were cool, you gonna do more of those?

  4. Nice Small Cap Coin answer! I’ve heard of that one, it’s getting very overwhelming with everything so interesting to hear other peoples opinions

  5. “… it is very expensive to get in…” –> it’s a bubble! Why should I invest in, even a small amount in a overpriced market?
    It is a nice idea but people will make bad experiances investing in bubble markets.

  6. Zorro Pai it’s a very fair point. this early in a technology like this it’s hard to work out when to enter market.

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