🔥Blockchain Crypto News! 🔥 Debitum Network Demo & Blockchain in Vilnius, Litaue!

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💥BLOCKCHAIN CRYPTO NEWS! 💥 New Kids On The Blockchain coming to you from VILNIUS, LITHUANIA with all the blockchain and crypto news!

✔️Debitum Network platform demo event!
✔️Why Lithuania is a power house for Blockchain including chat with Tony G and the mayor of Vilnius
✔️New Kids On The Blockchain take on Vilnius!
✔️World Blockchain Forum London Ticket Giveaway Winners!





🎶🎵Music by http://www.bensound.com

☄️Don't forget to email us at lisa@newkidsontheblockchain.com with any suggestions of what you want to see in the show, it could be EOS chat, Bitcoin banter, all things ICO and crypto, blockchain events, Ethereum, whatever you like!

👍NB. All information shared here is for information only and should not be considered any kind of financial advice. Always do your own research!

🔥Blockchain Crypto News! 🔥 Debitum Network Demo & Blockchain in Vilnius, Litaue!

67 kommentaar

  1. Wow this show was epic. well done guys , you are blowing most Youtubers out the water with the production values 🙂

  2. xhahah the true gain over time is only if you went for btc and stick to it 🙂 sry, and cheers from swiss mountains!

  3. Thank you for attending our VIP access event. As always, it was a pleasure having you around. Thank you for a great coverage.

  4. strong thumbs up guys ! 🙂 keep doing what ya do cuz the community needs your voice in this messs we having

  5. i know you guys will deliver! its a pleasure to see such a noble cooperation for the community

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