cryptocurrency 交換 bitgrail 宣布破產後, 黑客入侵

bitgrail cryptocurrency 交換已經宣布佢哋被黑客入侵和凍結撤退.

佢哋於2月8日正式宣布破產。, 2018.

bitgrail 據報失去 17,000,000 xrb #8216; 未經授權的轉移損失’ 又名黑客.

bitgrail 纳丹 l 通知其用戶, 未經授權的交易已出現由內部檢查是否足夠嘅提款業務, 導致短缺嘅 n. 17 mln 納米 c A. bitgrail 納丹管理的部分投資組合.

對上文所述的欺詐活動, 今日同 #8217, 向主管警察當局提出了定期投訴, 警方正在進行調查。.

Please note that the other currencies deposited have not been affected by unauthorized withdrawals.

To carry out further checks on what happened, as a precautionary measure and to protect users, all the functionalities of the site, including withdrawals and deposits, will be temporarily suspended.

We extend our sincerest apologies to our customers and to all those involved in the illegal transfer of Nano on our platform.

Further press releases will follow shortly.

Thanks for the attention.

作者: 理查德 Abermann



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