Baidu launches blockchain-based stock photo platform

百度, 中國 #8217 互聯網搜索巨頭, 推出了基於 blockchain 嘅股票相服務, 以保護中國的形象知識產權, 作為其廣泛推動 blockchain 技術應用一分子.

該服務, called Totem which went online Wednesday, uses blockchain to timestamp the submission of each original photograph from a user with a real-name identity and store data associated with the images in a distributed network.

With Baidu’s existing capacity in internet data scraping and artificial intelligence, the platform says by comparing images that are circulated over the internet with data stored in a traceable blockchain, it would be able to substantiate allegations of intellectual property infringement.

写: 萨拉. 鲍尔



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