cryptomarket 最大的球員

市場上最大嘅參與者認為, 監管穩定了行業, 並有助於比特幣嘅增長。.

對加密產業嘅控制在監管者的水平上得到加強, 在公司的層面上. 尤其係, last week it became known that in the framework of the new policy, Facebook banned the advertising of crypto and ICO, and recently the Canadian regulator held talks with Google, calling for the same measures.

Since the beginning of the week, the bitcoin rate has fallen, approaching a record $ 6000 on Tuesday, but by Friday it rose 37% above this mark.

The first bitmoin millionaires, the founders of the Gemini exchange crypto exchange, the Winklewoss brothers believe that with the proper regulatory approachwill be a huge advantage for the crypto currency”: “Such technologies can not thrive and develop without reasonable regulation that connects them with finance,” said Tyler Winklewoss in an interview with Bloomberg. He also noted the need for more stringent measures against fraudsters, including ICO-scams.

The brothers, each of whom, according to the Bloomberg Billionaire Index, are valued at $ 520 百萬, do not join the general panic: “We are here for a long timefor a decade or more. We remember that bitcoin cost $ 8. 所以, as far as we know, everything is in order. ”

Regarding the recent decision of Facebook, the consultant of crypto-startups, the founder of the consulting group on the block-theme Ethmint Kyle Forki, spoke positively. 根據佢, legal business will not suffer from Facebook innovations, sincemost of the funds raised during the ICO are attracted through partnerships.

Many participants of the Yahoo Finance crypt-summit also reported on the support of the regulations. GDAX CEO Adam White said that the Coinbase and GDAX exchangeswelcome regulationand realize that theyhave a positive effect on the financial system”.

CEO Ripple Brad Garlinghouse noted that his company has long been conducive to regulation and it is necessary becausethe revolution is not going on outside the systemit is happening inside”.

作者: 萨拉. 鲍尔



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