We present to your attention an interview with the founder and CEO of the Crypto Exchange www.btc-alpha.com 维塔利博德纳尔, 如何從頭開始創建加密交換.

你點知 cryptocurrency?

我喺教育方面嘅專長 – 物理, 計算機科學, 計算機技術, 我一直喺從事發展. 唔知怎的, 我唔覺意讀關於比特幣嘅論壇, 並開始了解嘅一日, 閱讀關於點樣佢做的一切.


一切開始嘅事實, 我想知點樣採礦係乜嘢事. 在弄清了這個過程之後, 仲有一個問題 – 如何處理我鑄造嘅硬幣. 我把錢帶到交易所, 的, 順便一提, 係可怕嘅工作, 然後. 所以我順利地切換到交易.

Why did you decide that you need to create a Crypto Exchange?

呢係因為我第一次失敗. 我, 學任何好嘅交易者, 有組規則, 我不違反: 我計劃提前退出點由位置, 我冇做野, 當我同 #8217, 我在壓力下, 我試吓唔去彌補, 佢同 #8217, 我更容易等待, 我唔收回的一日, 當我同 #8217; 我要減去, 我只是關閉我部手提電腦, 唔做嘢. 我個衰係由於壓力, 在那一刻, 我打破了所有其他規則. 我進入了一個消極的交易, 關閉它在陰性, 決定收回. 咗一日, 我進行 10 使用此方案的操作. 我損失咗幾萬美金, 我贏得了很長一段時間.

How did this affect the creation of the Exchange?

我開始分析的情況, 並意識到, 一個交易者可以賺取, 或賠錢. 但交易所始終係獎品. 我意識到, 係好得意嘅, 我想創建自己的加密交換.

Let’s make 5 steps to create your own Crypto Exchange.

First step?

For me, the first thing is toburn with the product.To all my friends, acquaintances, strangers, I told everyone that I was developing Crypto Exchange and I needed a team, 人, 錢, and everyone said that this would not work, but I had a crazy faith. All this was approximately in 2014-2015.

Since I had a positive reputation for developing projects, people immediately appeared who believed not in the cryptocurrency, not in the Crypto Exchange, but in me as a developer who can create a product.

Initially, I had an idea that you can take a ready-made base of Cryptoexchange, to modify it a little, and it will work. As with platforms for onlineshop. But such a product did not exist. Deepening into the subject, I realized that I want to write everything from scratch and understand everything in detail.

The second step?

Calculating the whole business model. At that time we used bitcoinwisdomone of the first resources where you could see how the market is moving, and analyze everything for a day, a month, and see the volumes. 例如, the exchange for a day conducted operations on 5000 bitcoins at a conditional exchange rate of $ 500. Exchange Commission – 0.4%. 500 is multiplied by 5000 and by 0.4 and we get a probable profit per day.

所以, the business model for exchanges is quite simple?

Yes, I believe that if some thing is very complicated, then it will not work, only simple things work.


The third step?

Preparation of technical specifications. I must say that the initial technical assignment I created and the result obtained are fundamentally different things, for the reason that I did not understand a very large number of details, some moments that seemed to me extremely important were not important at all, and on the contrary. This is a standard story.

Tell me in more detail, how did you make the TS? Where did he get the information?

At that time, I traded on many exchanges and saw how DDoS attacks occur, saw how exchanges went bankrupt, saw when users were loyal to the exchange, and when they did not, and why it happened. I drafted the terms of reference from my experience, I made a product in which I as a trader would be comfortable. I wanted all operations to be understandable. I used the program to create an interface, where I drew 25 pages of the future site and built its logic. 此外, all the Cryptoexchanges are basically the same.

How often did you use ready-made technical solutions?

I wanted to use to receive and send bitcoin blockchain.info. At that time, they provided a public API. 在最初階段, it seemed to me that it was sufficient to get the best possible product with minimal expenses, and then simply to improve and improve each item. But they denied us, without explaining the reasons. I think this is one of the most successful failures that happened. We decided to figure out how Bitcoin works, and wrote our client completely from scratch, which is now constantly improving. 噉係, we have our Bitcoin Wallet.

The fourth step?

This is the Team. I already had a well-coordinated team, with whom we worked on two projects. But I realized that we do not have enough experience to create a quality product in the cryptosphere. 因此, we decided to pump our knowledge with additional tasks, 例如, participated in the development of protection against DDos-attacks, services for receiving money, and so on. For three years we worked on the technical assignment and in parallelon third-party projects to understand how everything works. Thanks to this, we also got acquainted with specialists who helped to further our project.

The fifth step?

The most banal is money. In the beginning, I was able to collect approximately $ 300,000. This is the year of the team of programmers, the minimum costs, but without regard to legal services. But it was in 2013. 現時, I think, a minimum of $ 1 million is needed. We started in a different competitive environment and in other conditions, then there were only 5 stock exchanges, and now there are hundreds of them.

What is the geolocation of your users?

The whole world, but we now prohibit registration from America because of legal issues.

How many employees are involved in security?

If there is an urgent task, then the entire team is engaged in it, and no matter what time it happened.

Is there a bounty for finding vulnerabilities? And what?

The other day, paid bounty for finding the possibility of forgery e-mail administrator. 講真, they could not actually implement it, but it was theoretically possible to take advantage of this vulnerability.

And how much did they pay?

A few hundred, a small amount, since this is not a critical vulnerability. We have a list of costs for finding those or other vulnerabilities.

What are the main trading pairs on your exchange?

BTC/USD, LTC/USD, BTC/Monero, BT /Zcash.

How can I place my token on your exchange?

We have a section for adding coins, 它清楚地表明, 我哋可以添加邊個唔.


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