Últimos ya ida̲ Winklevoss’ Crypto patente cubre ntsuni transacciones digitales

'Nar empresa ha̲i Cameron ne Tyler Winklevoss, fundadores ar bolsa cryptocurrency Géminis, has been granted a patent for a system that seeks to improve the security of digital transactions.

The application was filed in November and granted on Tuesday by the U.S. Oficina patentes ne marcas (USPTO). It describes asystem, method, and program product for processing secure transactions within a cloud computing system,” with Andrew Laucius, Cem Paya and Eric Winer named as inventors (neither of the Winklevosses is included on the list).

This system uses a combination of common cryptographic techniques, including hash functions and digital signatures. Incluido jar nt'ot'e cifras explican ke ko ya xi diseñado pa proporcionar ntsuni jar 'nar mpa̲ti activos digitales ja ar gui.

'Yot'i: Sara Bauer


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