The hackers who attacked Binance involuntarily contributed to charity

On Wednesday, Binance users began to report to Reddit that their crypto assets were sold and transferred to Viacoin (altcoin briefly grew 2.5 times, and the volume of VIA trades increased tenfold). Binance immediately reacted by writing that “it is investigating reports about problems with the means of some users” and noted that “at the time of the application, those who have access to the API (for the use of trade bots) became the only confirmed victims.” At the same time, Binance wrote that “there is no evidence in favor of hacking the platform,” but the exchange is working on the abolition of “suspicious transactions,” and the findings are temporarily blocked.

CEO Binance Changpeng Jao ​​regularly published updates on the progress of the investigation and reported that the user’s funds are safe. “Violations in trading activity were detected, automatic detection systems worked. Some accounts could have been compromised by phishing previously launched, “Changpeng Jao ​​wrote in his Twitter and attached a screenshot of the search history that shows how the phishing site redirects to the official site of the exchange after the user enters the login and password.

On Thursday night, the CEO of the exchange published a tweet, reporting that Binance had canceled all illegal transactions, and deposits, withdrawal and trading were resumed: “It’s interesting that hackers lost coins during this attack. We will donate them to Binance Charity. ”

Later in the official blog Binance published detailed information on the “attempt to large-scale phishing and theft”: within two minutes, from 14:58 to 14:59, hackers with the stolen API keys placed orders for a pair of VIA/BTC, trying to transfer bitcoins to thirty one account and immediately withdraw, however, by that time the conclusions had already been automatically blocked and the criminals themselves had suffered losses.

Write: Richard Abermann


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