Poloniex joins Circle

Poloniex announced they are joining the Circle team. Their stated plans include further scaling their platform, growing their global reach, and accelerating the token ecosystem in the months and years ahead.

Poloniex’s blog post stated they have a shared vision with Circle for a future in which decentralized cryptocurrency protocols create a far more open, inclusive, and evenly distributed global economy. Circle has been a leading liquidity provider to institutions and investors across a broad number of crypto assets since the early days of the industry.

Circle is a strategic partner to help Poloniex scale beyond its initial growth phase.

Poloniex says they remain committed to preserving the features and functionality that first drew interest to their platform. Any updates made in the course of this transition will be behind-the-scenes and focused on strengthening user experience, platform performance, and security. They went on to say that user funds will remain safe and access to account functionality uninterrupted throughout.

Write: Sara Bauer


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