Ethereum Foundation announced the recipients of the “first wave of grants” of $ 2.5 million

As reported in the official Ethereum Foundation blog, thirteen projects received a total of $ 2.565 million for developments related to scalability, security, user interface development and other enhancements to the Ethereum blockchain system.

The Ethereum Foundation notes that grants will also help improve smart contracts and decentralized applications on the Ethereum platform. Opposite to each recipient, the subject of his research and the amount of the grant are indicated:

“We hope that these grants will show the community what, in our opinion, does not have an ecosystem, and who needs more support,” said Ethereum Foundation members who consider their mission ” prevent the tragedy of communities. ”

The team notes that the focus of the funding program announced in January shifted from addressing scalability issues: “We have expanded support for projects that are doing a tremendous job of increasing scalability, usefulness and security. These projects do not conduct tokensales, but focus on the development of useful products”.

Grants are not tied strictly to the contributors of the Ethereum blockchain: the foundation also provides support to those members of the community who are engaged in “useful side projects”. In particular, $ 1.5 million went to the research project L4 Research, which develops state channels, and $ 100,000 to the Prysmatic Labs project, which deals with scalability through sharding – the load sharing between nodes.

Write: Sara Bauer


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