Txauv Cryptocurrency BitGrail announces insolvency tom qab hack

BitGrail cryptocurrency txauv tau tshaj tawm lawv muaj tau hacked thiab froze xyua.

Lawv teb tshaj tawm lawv cov insolvency rau lub ob hlis ntuj 8, 2018.

BitGrail reportedly lost 17,000,000 XRB in the ‘unauthorized transfer lossaka hack.

Important Notice
Bitgrail S.r.l informs its users that unauthorized transactions have emerged from internal checks of the adequacy of the withdrawal operations that led to a shortfall of n. 17 Mln di Nano c.a. part of the portfolios managed by Bitgrail S.r.l.

For the fraudulent activity referred to above, today’s regular complaint complaint was filed with the competent police authorities and police investigations are underway.

Please note that the other currencies deposited have not been affected by unauthorized withdrawals.

To carry out further checks on what happened, as a precautionary measure and to protect users, all the functionalities of the site, including withdrawals and deposits, will be temporarily suspended.

We extend our sincerest apologies to our customers and to all those involved in the illegal transfer of Nano on our platform.

Further press releases will follow shortly.

Thanks for the attention.


Sau: Cai Richard Abermann


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