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Too early to sell crypto assets

One of the early investors in bitcoin, known as SuperDuperDerp, told Reddit how he invested in the cryptocurrency back in 2012 when it cost $ 4. For $ 400 he bought 100BTC. But despite the fact that he instantly got involved in the subject of cryptomarket and knew that bitcoin would cost a lot of money, he could not keep his assets for a long time. The reason was financial difficulties, as well as a weak growth of the cryptocurrency. Therefore, when the bitcoin rate doubled and reached the $ 8 mark, he decided to sell his assets, hoping that the exchange rate would collapse and he would be able to re-enter at a low price. Txawm li cas los, this did not happen

To stay in the black, you must follow three simple rules:

1. It’s worth starting with smallcryptocurrencies are still quite a new technology, and the market is extremely volatile, the optimal investment size should be from 1% mus 5%.

2. Do not sell too fasteven if the investment has grown by 20% los sis 30%.

3. Do not paniccryptocurrencies are extremely unstable, and their rate can vary from 20% mus 50% in one day.

Uas tsis muaj Crypto Investors. Yuam kev 3 Uas tsis muaj Crypto Investors. Yuam kev 5

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